Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A post full of sillies...

I have not exactly been myself the past few days.

Actually, to be exact, for the past week.

Not that my work had anything to do with.

And it's definitely not like what my colleague cum friend said; 'Yelah... orang berchenta.'

Chet! What chenta. I don't even know if this is how chenta supposed to be like. Lambat la... Gut feeling doesn't say that yet.

I also realized that I have not been utilising my camera phone much since I bought it a couple of months ago. So I took these one rainy afternoon;

I looked confused in all the pictures I know...
And OMG... more pictures!

Ye... saya tau tulisan saya buruk

And then I decided, hey... this is kind of funnn.. so I ended up chronicling my whole entire afternoon right until I finished work. (Yeah.. I am that bored... Haha!).

This was what my kotak kubikel looks like when I left for home

Dan ini rupa punch card saya yang sangat primitif. Dulu my old company used scan.

This is my Wiwa from the side. It was raining
This is my driving companion. It's no Denzel Washington, but it's there.
This is the station I choose to listen to on my way home. Kamu2 orang KL tak dapat la this station.
And this the shit I have to go through every single day.

I told you I am a bit different this past few days.


  1. my my my...
    dah lama i tak datang

    u r surely different hahaha

  2. 98.7, Power 98.0... Class 95.0, Lush, Gold FM

    I know, i know i missed Jay Bee!

  3. That's really bad traffic man. I'm so glad I start work at 6am and leave by 3pm.

  4. i like this post. witty and enlightening.

  5. BW,

    the state where everyone seemed to be excluded from the political trauma now...JB.

    Madam Curi,

    owh.. saya malu nak tunjuk gambo rumah saya... :D

  6. Kawaii..

    alaa.. actually auta je tu. the 'jam' is only for less than 10 minutes, after that its free all the way.. hehehe


    you should miss JB babeh...

  7. Iszo,

    good for you then..


    agian, banyak auta sahaja

  8. Jazzy,

    a lot of people yang bukan Johorean miss out on this eh??


    Oh ya? happy to enlighten babeh