Sunday, March 9, 2008

This smells like politicshhh!

Politic’s maybe my favorite subject in Uni (once upon a long time ago), but it doesn’t mean that I like poliltics.

I am in love with the ideology of politics. In a way, I think, it was the historical aspect of it that attracted me in the first place. Reading the works of great political thinkers like Rosseau, Hobbes and those as legendary as Socrates appeals to me because of the vocabulary flair and the theories that they represent.

On paper, politics is a clean affair (except for maybe, Machiavelli). It is straightforward and comprehendable. In practice, it’s another thing altogether.

As a Johorean, I am well aware of what people from other states think of us. Most names who started UMNO hailed from Johor, we have one of the most intimidating royal family in the country and we have an illustrious history and culture.

Some people might have thought that Johoreans are totally in love with ourselves, our colonial legacy and our way of life.

Our political standing is very predictable. We have always been an avid supporter of the ruling party. It almost came to the point of definite accuracy. It is a trick question to ask anyone on who will win the ruling helm come general elections.

To me, it is simple, with progress, there comes the inevitable responsibilty of charity. Without either one of these, a country could not strive.

I don't fancy Johor becoming like Kelantan. I have heard enough from people who talk about these people’s entrepreneurial skills and whatnots. The irony is that, even with all that ‘positive repo’, the people from that state kept on pouring into other states to find ‘opportunities’. The question is, if they are all that good, why can’t they stay where they are? Why is it that when we go over to their state, it seemed like we are not welcomed and why is it that we don't mind them making Johor their home? (Oh yeah... bring on the hatemails).

Anyway, on a more local front, although I was hoping for the MB to step down, it doesn’t mean that I have given my support to the opposition. I have always thought the opposition still lacks in running a state, let alone a government. I am not big on Malaysia being a charity driven country nor do I want unnecessary development to shroom all over Malaysia.

This doesn’t mean that I agree with what the ruling government is doing. So with the reality sinking in, now that they have failed to secure 2/3 of the seats, they better buck up and get their game on.


  1. deii.. the umno that you guys help found is no more la. the current (new) umno was founded by a kedahan. hehe.

  2. des,

    deyy.. i am historical, a big fan of dato' onn... thank you vely much...

  3. i wish there's a study that research on why generally...orang johor thinks the way they do (how do the students of all race interact at school), how different things are in selangor etc..

  4. Oh, you can go to my blog to read the truth about Tok Guru. People don't watch RTM or TV3 or Tv8 or TV9 news anymore, the news are very unreliable. People don't believe anything written in the newspapers too.

    I hope you can sleep well at nite once you know the person whom you dislike is actually a good human that none in UMNO can match up to, what the Malaysia needs right now to deliver justice and to carry on the task honestly.

  5. Inn, they should..

    and uhhh... i dont do blue bloods...