Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kay Hell, Kay Hell

Now that I am a couple of weeks away from moving to KL, I was suddenly sad of leaving JB.

Even though I don't have many friends in JB, I have to admit, those that sticks with me until now had been totally supportive and had been nothing but great people.

My Hwa Mui weekend date Fi was lamenting on my future absence and that empty hole in his calendar now that I am no longer around to pass on stupid jokes to. There will be nomore final run through of potential boyfriends by me courtesy of my many equally paranoid girlfriends, my photoraphy freak of a friend who also happened to be one of my closest confidante who also told me that he was proud of my achievement, my sporadic and infectious journalist friend who drives like a bee high on coke (and whom I will forever feel indebted to for letting me use his car when I had to send my car to the workshop) , my drinking buddies in Banyan and Mirage, Fahrin and Farhana who were among the coolest brother and sister team I have ever known, Kak Neesa who has yet to know about my moving on to greener pastures in PJ and everyone else who have proved to be reliable and trustworthy.

Because of you guys, I am definitely a better person from who I was 8 years ago.

Now to find a different set of buddies to hang out with at the Ibunegara.

So Kay Hell, you guys game?


  1. my my.. you set high expectations for the KL brothers. Heh

  2. game! welcome...err, or should I say welcome back! :D

  3. Huzzah!!! Bring it on girl! :)

  4. what do you mean by "Now to find a different set of buddies to hang out with at the Ibunegara."

    tamau kawan ah..

  5. hello girl. warmest welcome. more peeps for saturday dinners.

  6. iSzO;

    well... surprise me this time eh?


    tenkiu tenkiu... looking forward to be there.

  7. Inn;

    believe me, i am bringing it!


    tamoh kawan? you know i will hang out with you often what... afterall... u have ASTRO... ahahahaha!

  8. JAzzy;

    leg of lamb... yummmm *drools*

  9. Halo dahling...
    Ready to make the move ya? Congratulations :). I don't dare move to KL. Too hectic. Too busy. Too many skyscrapers that I can handle heh...

  10. sarcy : I'm a boring person. Better you rely on your kawans in KL that you've met in person. ;)

  11. Halo to you too daahling,

    actually, KL overwhelms me in terms of the people... all carrying branded togs and whatnots. semuanya actually habiskan gaji mereka untuk branded stuff ke??

    i am cheap, and i say that i am... ehehehe...

  12. Iszo;

    takpe.. i go well with boring people... ahahahahaaa...