Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let's get lifted!

I am making that move after almost 8 years.

Again, I’ll be making KL my home. Don't know until when this time. :P
It’s been a tiring weekend.

Went up to KL for my Chinese cousin’s wedding. I haven’t met her for almost 4 years (I think). As I had another appointment the day before, I caught up with my parents at my A-Yi’s place the next day.

I was uppity (refer opening paragraph). I was also tired and my feet was covered with blisters. (Turun naik tangga LRT in heels... challenging I tell you, tapi padan muka I jugak la yang mengada-ngada pakai heels kan?) took LRT from the station at AMCORP all the way to KLCC for lunch with friends and then took the LRT all the way to KJ station. Dahla ramai la pulak people in the bleeding LRT. I was close to getting down on all fours and crawl into the taxi.

I got nostalgic for a while during the LRT ride. Yela... Sedangkan tempat jatuh lagi terkenang, apatah pulak tempat bermain ye? I was a KL-lite (Sort of... with a Johorean mentality but of course) for a short while.

Looking at the traffic also got me thinking... like how am I supposed to get the hang of all the various highway links and shit, the blocked here blocked there roads and to know where exactly am I with all the really confusing signages.

Heh... nampaknya makin kesesatan-la saya ini... literally, in the safety and comfort of my car.

And oh... I will have to go and get those steering wheel, accelerator pads and whatchamacallit locks to further protect my car.

Owh anyway... back to the main story, the wedding.

I have not always been close to my Chinese cousin. I remembered the tantrums she threw when we were smaller. I was not allowed to act like that as I am the eldest daughter in the family and I am supposed to act ‘composed and elderly’ those times.

So seeing her as a bride was especially weird for me.

But I am happy for her and A-yi, and Uncle.

Tian tian mi mi bak kata A-yi. Ihiks!

And I have been meaning to write about our family’s latest addition, Baby Najlah.

Uhuhuhu... I want one!


  1. get a place near the office. that'll minimise the driving (and headache).

  2. yup, agree with Des.
    Survey the alternative routes too.
    Welkam (back) to Kolumpo!!

  3. Des,

    i am trying la ni... but dunno how to even start la dude...


    dunno if i am supposed to be ... um happy about that

  4. :-) Cik Bleep is coming to KayEl .. abis la the guys here will be buzzing with expectation :-)

    Cant join ya at the clubs tp Starbucks boleh ? ;-)

  5. omecool;

    expectation? i amgoing to work 24-7 la babe... ihiks. no taim for anything else.

    setarbaks, blehhhh.... just say when!