Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am frikkin' pissed off

‘You have two things to decide on now’ I told her;

1) Whether you want to go ahead with the pregnancy, shunned by many, bring up the baby alone or abort it.
2) Whether to keep the fucker you call your boyfriend or to remove him from your life forever.

The fucker wanted no part of it, and now my girlfriend is left all alone.

This is the most daunting of all realization. To find out that your so called boyfriend is a narcissistic psycho freak is one, but to find out that a man who impregnated you would prefer to be out of the picture in times when you needed him the most is another.

I didn’t ask her whether she used contraceptives at all during sex; I think it is a redundant question to ask now.

I honestly told her that she should be expecting that kind of response to come from the boyfriend, because I know for sure if I am in that situation (which I don’t hope for it to happen ), I am going to be alone. I don’t rely on men, I don’t think it is right for me to do so. I could never believe there will be a guy who would face the consequences of their action, by this I meant, their action of making their girlfriends pregnant.

Any woman in their right mind should know that.

But unfortunately, women are also most likely to be the ones who would be ‘blinded by the foolishness this abstract thing called love’ brings.

So I told my girlfriend to think on it, hard. If he is not going to be there for her, I will. If she still wants to be with the fucker, go ahead. It is her choice afterall. Just don’t expect me to be in the same room with him, because I might just cut off his balls and feed it to the dogs.

Though I am not too sure if the dogs would eat them.


  1. If she still wants to be with her irresponsible dickhead, you would let her? She is your friend, don't let her do stupid things. You have to drill it into her head. She is an emotional wreck, she couldn't possibly think straight right now. Sooner or later, she would realize this man is such a waste of time and she would be thankful to you for making her realize that.

    The least he could do is to be with her during the abortion (I know you are pro-choice, but in this case, I would never support abortion) not just walk away and refuse to be part of it. What a pig.

    Kalau boleh, tell us his name so we wont be his next victim. At least, we will make sure he wears condoms! Hehehe.

  2. I vote to know the name of the BF..


  3. Not all men like this guy.

    Btw - its irresponsible!

  4. That blows man - big time. But I hate to admit that Sarcy's is right about the guys not taking responsibility part. I've seen 2 situations similar to this and it's exactly as Sarcy said.


    All the best to your friend man. The shunned by many part is a very long and painful process man.

  5. HAHA...


    as a friend, you can only try to knock some sense into your friend's head. whether she chooses to listen or not, it is still her call.

    the name of the BF, takpela.. lain kali.


    what for? you want to help in the cutting of balls matter?

  6. irregularity;

    yeah, but most of them are like this. or else macamana boleh banyak kes buang anak merata2 macam buang puntung rokok?


    exactly. i just want her to be okay.

  7. gosh.
    so kesian your friend la.
    u r a great friend, woman..for being there for her.

  8. What a prick!! Tak reti guna condom ke?

    All the best to your friend. Nak cakap byk pun tak guna coz nasik dah jadi bubur..

  9. Zetts,

    i am not great la, i ni pun kadang2 sengal jugak... but one could try right?


    like what i said, redundant pun nak tanya soklan2 bangang like that kan the rice dah jadi porridge daaah.