Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I think I want to Membebel nonsense

How ironic.

In the midst of all the kiss ass advertisements leading to the elections talking about how the country is more safe and secure and all the ‘CCTV installation upgrades crap, my friend’s purse was snatched at one of the most prominent banks in JB at Bukit Timbalan. Get this, it was located VERY near to the state government’s administration office.

‘Saya rasa keselamatan saya terjamin.’

Yup… what a load of bull.


I have a friend who seemed to be absolutely sure that a certain mark on anyone’s forehead (ala yang lebam2 macam terantuk tu.) is an indication that the person is a god fearing, religious person.

I remembered there was once during my DIY adventure of putting together a computer table, I accidentally knocked my head to one of the corners and there was an ugly dark mark on my forehead for days after.

So what’s the story? does it also mean that I am religious now that I sport the mark? Even in my short skirt and high heels?

This ‘theory’ is totally unfounded. So guys, if you want to hitch some pitiful gullible girl from the kampong (who believed that the mark is totally a sign that a man is *warak* (god fearing) but is totally okay to be hugged) please eh, jangan lupa hantukkan kepala ke dinding sebelum pi dating.


I have been in a few long distance relationships before.

I still have not come to a conclusion if such relationships could work for me.

You see the thing about me is that I like being alone at times. There are times when you would find me going over to the zoo (Johor zoo… yeah…) or driving over to Kota Tinggi waterfalls to take pictures.

Of course there were times when I wished I could do all that with someone, who means something to me. But I got over wishing for that as soon as I started to think about it.

I am in a long distance relationship now. Half of the time I don’t know what he does. We SMS each other a lot and he barely has time to call me up due to his work. I honestly don’t know what he feels about me and most of the time I wouldn’t know if he actually thinks about me at all.

But when he did call, I like talking to him, and I give him the benefit of the doubt when he said he’s been thinking about me. Whether it is the truth or otherwise, heck, I guess, even if it’s not, that’s something to hold on to I figured.


  1. reason #10499 to move to kl.. :P

  2. can i just like... laugh? hehehe...

  3. not so p.a.r.o.n.o.i.d anymore?
    kewl! :)

  4. bout the mark...??
    only setoopid girls would buy that

    and these freaking people with that mark are so freaking perasan warak..
    hate it

  5. Mark? Does my scar count? But I'm hardly the god worshipping fanatic wor. I mean banging my head on a bar table after tripping cuz I was tipsy and ending up with a bloody scar is hardly god fearing. LOL But cool if it gets me kampung gals! Er.. actually no. Kampung gals aren't all as innocent as people make them out to be.

    As for long distance relationship, it's good you're having that amount of trust. But could the reason of your paranoia be related to the fact that you're *possibly* insecure about your bf being somewhere far? At least the fella calls. That's pretty cool.

  6. dES,

    haiyooo.. gut feeling havent go green yet


    oy.. youre laughingWITH me or AT me uh?

  7. inn,

    paronoid takdela.. paranoid adala ihik


    i am never friends with one because i never wanted to be friends with one

  8. Izso,

    the answer to your 'possible' analysis about me is no.

    distance not the problem. the problem is when i am in a relationship with someone and that someone acted as if i am a tunggul. i have exes who didnt call me for days even when they live in JB. when i do call and i asked them about it, they get defensive.

    i hate that.

    he calls. and if one day he stops, i have a million and one other things to do than to hate the world and sulk.

  9. yeah but when once in a while you do meet...heaven kan? *wink* :D

  10. Hmmm, I for one bought that warak bump thing for a long while, coz many guys tell me, see.

    But hearing the other side of the story from the 'other side'... gender that is, means it's not really true.

    No book should be judged by it's cover, ever.

  11. Agus : that's fer sure!

    Sarc : ah. Head twisted on right. Anyway, my speculations have never been right with people online. Bloggers seem to be in a totally different zone compared to people I know in person. Which isn't a bad thing really.

  12. agus,

    i have never believed the warak bump. i think its nonsense-la.

    true true never judge a book by its cover.


    i agree with the 'blogger's totally different zone thingie'. you can never know what they really actually think. for one, i think most bloggers put on this totally questionable alter ego when they write.

  13. I don't have marks on my forehead, benjol ada laaaa... does it count? hehehehe.

  14. i read your previous posting about your past relationships. And that guy whom you left, and how karma got you. We are uncannily in the same fcked up boat. I coldheartedly ditched the only guy who truly every loved me with every fibre of his being. And I haven't found someone who can devote his entire life to me until today... Scary sh*t.

  15. i like the mark thing hehe... cool advise.

  16. all jazzed up,

    yup.. scary shit. now i am wondering if i will ever get someone like that. i may be in a LD relationship, but it doenst mean that i am totally sure of what i am doing...


    you mean, bendul? Dato's Siti Nurhaliza dengan Katie Holmes pun Bendul jugak... ihihihi


    well... you know me... hehehe