Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stop & Stare

I am tired.

I am tired of explaining and defending myself for something I have never done.

So I am done.


I was feeling down yesterday night. So I called my confidante and picked him up for a talk and a whopper (Well, he didn’t have his dinner.). Something personal happened which I am not going to harp on and during times like these, The Confidante would usually come into the picture.

It was also because I owe him something and my conscience will forever nag me if I don’t settle it as soon as I can.

It always helps to talk about something unrelated. Plus, he always managed to cheer me up with his jokes and makes me sleep better at night.

Most importantly, he trusts me. He knows there are some things I would never do. He also knows that a blog is not a reflection of who we are. A blog is just a blog, a place where we write unimportant, probably stupid things that are not supposed to be taken seriously.

*Saya sangat marah dan kechiwa tapi itu semalam punya hal la.*

Thanks dude, I really needed the talk.

And this morning, with Jamie Cullum playing in the car, I felt relieved, and glad that I have good friends like Anna, Kak Neesa, The Confidante, the AJK Mamam at work and my drinking mates to complaint and talk to.


  1. So you blog about your thanks to your friends and weird pickup lines? Man, your blog is a helluva lot more interesting than mine.

  2. glad u're feeling better. ((((hugssss)))) nevertheless. when im down, it always help me to get back up again knowing i haf a great circle of friends.

  3. Izso,

    come on now... i like your blog, it's intriguing.. hehehe


    yeap.. i would never diss my friends for balls... NEVER.

  4. "intriguing"? Nice way to look at it. Thanks!