Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr. Prihatin

I always wear either my cheap solitaire diamond ring or the cubic zirconium ring when I go out.

Men who want to pick me up take that as a good reason for them to walk the other way.

Not that I am trying to tell the world that I am taken or anything of that nature, it’s just that most of the time, I could never be bothered to ‘layan’ these buggers.

So the last few days, I went for a daytrip to KL to collect my offer letter and decided to have lunch at KL Sentral’s McD. I was famished and the last thing I want is for someone to come over and ask if I am interested in a conversation.

I want to be alone, with my cholesterol laden Medium Quarter Pounder meal.

One, I was damn tired as I have been up from 6.30 in the morning, sat on a grueling 5 hours trip on the bus (because the driver was damn slow!), and two, I walked up and down stairs at the LRT station and my knees were actually giving way.

So this guy came over to me and asked if he could join me, I said No because I kind of want to be alone at that time and there are other available seats around. I flashed my cheap solitaire diamond ring and I guess it caught his eye. He went to the other table and sat there.

The guy came over to my table again after finishing his meal, he dropped a note that said;

“The ring is on the wrong finger darling. So I guess you are still single. See you around and hope you might just allow me to sit with you the next time.”

Waah… sangat prihatin.

Of course, there will not be a next time, and I know Mr. Prihatin knows that.


  1. Prepare yourself for more of those snippets here in KL, doll.

    It's a stranger pool of men with even stranger stunts.

    Not necessarily a bad thing, though :)

    Good luck setting up shop!

  2. That's interesting. I've never thought of Mcds as a 'fishing' joint. Incidentally, my wife wears her rings all on the wrong fingers as well. She says it's not comfortable on the proper ones!

  3. Danyanova,

    Thanks dear, but i doubt that i will be having time to anyway. i have work and work is all that is my head now. nomore relationships. i am done.


    well... men are just... strange... like that. ihiks.

  4. Just like to play devil's advocate. Never say never again. :)

  5. Mark,

    i love that movie. Al Pacino is yummy.