Sunday, March 9, 2008


My last blog post is sooo serious… I don’t do serious today. The mood is more like ‘I – am – so – lazy’ mood.

I changed my status on Fesbuk to ‘it’s complicated’.

Long distance relationship is a complicated subject to me. It’s fragile because you can never know what will happen in the next 48 hours, fun because I am so digging teasing men on the phone and totally suspicious because he could think that I am snuggling up with some hot macho guy with a nice neck and I sometimes had the image of him swilling a bottle of beer with two babes on each arm.

Ridiculous? I know. Damn hyperactive imagination… I know oso.

Sometimes I would kind of hesitate in telling people about my status. I am not really with someone, but I am with someone, you get what I mean?

So as it is in my Fesbuk, my answer to kaypohchees who asked me about my relationship status would be ‘It’s complicated babeh.’

Oh ye… somebody told me that she reminds him/her of me. I'd be much happier if I have the botak fella who she is snuggling with. So does Tisha Campbell of My Wife & Kids fame remind you guys of me?? (Oh... The Botak fella is one of the cute Wayan brothers... delish eh?)

Anyway, I was told that Mataking Island is gorgeous. Judging by the picture, begitulah nampaknya.

I am making calls, planning my schedule and saving money for the solo trip. Akak tak reti berenang but heck… I can wade ‘dipersisiran pantai’ can’t I? Plus, I must wear my tankinis and whatnots sometime kan?

It was supposed to be Redang, but I did that once before, so I guess, it’s about time I take a flight and discover somewhere else.

Akak see taking solo trips as rejuvenating. Maybe it’d be better going with someone, but I want to save that for when I am in a real relationship. memories are hard to deal with. there are tonnes of places that reminded me of my exes… killjoy tell you having thoughts like; ‘uh… that is where I used to have ice cream with those wittle payungs and stuff with X’ or ‘bloody hell, that balcony was where we kissed for the first time with Y’ or ‘Z loved the grilled salmon here!’.

La Tortura gitu!

That’s why if I am going to have a good time, I am going to have it on my own. So the only thought that will cross my head when I revisit the place would be;

“Oh yeah… the last time I went here pun kena gigit kerengga jugak… tak sangka pulak skang pun kena sekali lagi.”


  1. LOL!

    Tergolek makcik baca ayat last tu.

  2. Fark me.. that looks like a bloody good place to be right now.

  3. alah babe, dun shy away on making potentially good memory. Even if it doesn't work out, there are plenty of other places to make good memories.

    Bawak je orang tu....:D

  4. Zetts,

    pastikan ada yoga mat sebelom tergolek supaya impak minima


    it is isnt it.. i am already looking pale no thanks to the fluorescent tan.. ;p


    nampaknya begitulah, oleh kerana untuk package 3hari 2 malam memerlukan minimum 4 orang untuk ditempah... tapi maybe i'll ajak my girfriends la.

  5. bikini! bikini! bikini! x 1000