Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Women have this love and hate relationship with their crowning glory.

On a personal note, mine was a long battle with frizzy ends, highlights that never seemed to grow out, and not knowing what to do with it but to put it up in a bun.

Fretting, I walked into my stylist R, and told him;

“Kasi potong.”

Yup… that was the magic word.

He was hesitant. Afterall, I did tell him that I want to perm my hair like how Joss Stone did, and put some pink highlights in. I think that is cool.

But, I was a desperate woman with a plea for help. I want to be able to wake up and not think about how I should style my hair for once. I want something practical, and I want a cut that would get rid of all my karat hair bits.

And so… R came up with this…

There’s a reason why I stick with R for almost a year since my last stylist hung up his scissors to trade for a corporate job.

I love it. You are a miracle worker R.


  1. chantek! suits you well ok! now u make me want to cut my hair too ;)

  2. Saya masih lagi berambut panjang. Ingin sekali bermabut pendek tetapi tidak berani

  3. tuhlaaa suits u well, cantikkk me likey :D

    p.s saya pon akan meng'make over' rambut, today jeng3x

  4. at least you berani to try something new unlike me :(

  5. nice.. balik jb you bring me to R lah so i can do something about my hair. the last time i cut my hair in jb was AGES ago masa alan ada kedai kat holiday inn/mutiara, then moved somewhere in london or where, then i gave up. you take me to R i belanja you kenny rogers! :P


  6. waaahhh... very the fab. yang maleh nye nak maintain like that must blow.

    you look a little thinner la babe.

  7. yea.. this one suits you well.. nampak cam 21 taun hehe

  8. Cik Pijoh,

    setelah sekian lama monyopi.. welkam back babeh!

    potong la.. lepas tuh post gambo kat blog eh??

    i think you would look smashing if you cut your hair bob style like Rihanna laling... try la.. kalau bukan skang bile eh??

  9. Lilith,

    apa lagi.. makeover cepat2.

    MsD, we only live once. there's about a million other things to do.. heck why dont take the risk.. hair grows back laaaa...


    bila u balik JB. sure No prob.. just drop me an email... takpelahh we go somewhere else... dah serik eh go Kenny Rogers get that kind of service...

  10. Beskot....

    yup.. have to blow... but it still looks nice if i dont blow.. i like em messy..

    mana tak kurus... makan hati hari2... daging sumer dah tak makan daaah.. hihi..


    saya tak pernah kena taun.. hehehe... reallyy... suka maks!