Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not me eh?

“Umm… it’s just not you –leh…”

That was what Anna told me last night.

I ‘story’ to her about my latest date. Well, maybe it was not ‘that’ latest, but it has been the only break that akak could get in recent weeks.

This date was introduced to me by a friend. As usual, he is not a Johorean. I don’t know, Johoreans just have something against me that I could not quite get. I have never had any exes who were a Johorean at all. So go figure. Honestly, I think there is just something wrong with me sometimes.

Anyway… back to the main story.

I told this friend of mine about the whole shebang. And what happened to me at the end of the date, about that getting lost for a minute bit.

“Hehe… it’s just not you leh… is that you talking?” she said.

Hey I might have lost control a bit there but all is fine and all is good. I was trashing myself in the car like a crazy woman for a while but that didn’t matter now. I just want to take it slooooow. And I don’t expect anything to come out of it.

Nada… zero. I do like him though, but … heck… good ones come along and good ones leave… what else is new eh? I don’t want to terhegeh-hegeh like nobody’s business.

Besides I DO have MY life to live.

“Still… it’s just not you.”

Give it a rest already la woman!


  1. eh dearie, story not so clearlah. what happened that is so not you? gossip! gossip!

  2. Yeah, I'm blur too...

    As much as we enjoy reading about the roller coaster joyride of dating, berat juga mata memandang the not-so-desirable outcome. Yang memikulnya, lagilah.

    So, pending the clarified 'story', taking it slow is a good idea. But if terhegeh hegeh is highly feasible and the response is encouraging, lock the target I say.

  3. johorean men eh. pffft hongkay. and that was my experience, sekian.

  4. i'm a johorean. but no johorean men were ever attracted to me. oklah one - itu pun in school. my r'ships are always with men from far and away like up north (balik2 orang utara), east Msia.. urgh. why lah.

  5. i'm not johorean, but i always end up with them, first my 1st fling, a guy that i was head over heel giler babengnyer, tp tk jd ape2 pon, okla he's not johorean but he studied in utm, so basically i always went to jb back then.

    after that, my ex, he is pure johorean, stay in jb both parents org Batu Pahat ke Muar tah lupa aaa :P

    in conclusion, i hate JB (errr no offense) bukan ape, when i went there, i'd remember a lot of things that i wish i could forget..hmmpphh

    p.s citer la abis2, saspen btul laaa :P

  6. MsD,

    ko bacala email ku padamu... have something to do with that also..


    the vagueness is intended. no clarity will be imposed here..

    teh problem with me is that, i dont know how to terhegeh-hegeh pon. i have the unemotional hard independent woman syndrome...

  7. waffles,

    erkk.. hongkay tu apa eh???


    usually it'll be like that la...


    lerrr.. i have a LOT Of ceritera sukaduka also in KL, but i dont hate it la.. but just that whenever i am there... will be feeling a bit melancholic and all.

  8. alaaa tak paham la babe..anywoos,yeah take it sloooow but not too slow.;)

  9. maybe fate just wants you not to inbreed kot...

  10. Dating is tiring. Makan ais krim lagi best.

  11. tiena..

    tengok mood. sometimes i like em' sloooow... most of the time, i like em' fast and furious. hehehe...


    fate planned a lot of things that we could not figure out laa dear


    It is, but thrilling nonetheless..


    geez to u too dear...

  12. Dating is like football matches. I like them fast and winning all the time. Hehehehe... makcik memang pathetic, nak.