Monday, August 6, 2007

Hatemails and what my brother made me go through on the weekends

For the previous entry, it doesn’t get any comments but some 5 hate mails… mostly from women who disagree on the whole independence definition.

In case you are wondering, I do not know these women. All of them are anonymouses who are unable to post their comments on the site.

One of them said that I was too bold to make that conclusion, to them, what I really implied is that all women who want marriage are really women who could not make it on their own, hence needing a man to make that happen.

Now, I am pretty sure, in my entry, I did say that I am not saying that all women who want marriage are not independent. I just thought that independent women rarely thinks of marriage as one of their priorities. We will be the last person who would say, “Let’s get married.” And once it’s understood that the partner does not feel the same about taking it a level up, we would decide to let it go, and move on.

What I was trying to say is that independent women live their own life according to their own rules and not everyone else’s (I really do hope everyone, irregardless of age and gender does this). They don’t give a frikkin’ crap about getting hitched, and wouldn’t mind diving into it, if we think it is the right thing to do.

So you see, to all the silent readers who bombarded me with hatemails yesterday, I believe to each her own, afterall, this topic is subjective, wot?


I always get pissed off when I go to any government organizations. Their procedures are painfully… longwinded, troublesome and somewhat unnecessary, because I could think of other ways to go around it.

And the rigidity of it all, pergh… even the most patient person would flip.

My brother was sick last weekend. He was so full of drama. He was whining and was asking my Mum to ‘urut’ him here and there. I don’t remember me or my sister being that ‘mengada-ngada’. By 6 PM he was telling my Mum that he could not stand it anymore, so we decided to bring him to the hospital.

You see, I would rather personally go to our family doctor but because of the bad timing, it was already closed, and to seek consultation at a specialist is ridiculously pricey. Besides, after the consultation at the GH, we could always go to the specialist for follow up treatment, which I don’t mind paying for.

There is actually a whole wing for outpatients at the GH, unfortunately, it was already closed when we arrived. This was one of those redundant so called convenience that the GH has so dutifully provided. What good is a whole building if it is going to be closed anyway?

We had to go to the Emergency cases counter at the main building. Had to register, and of course, wait.

20 mins later, my bro came out telling my Mother he will have to fill it up, so he did and he walked in again, one hour later, he came out asking my Mum to make a move.

“Screw it… kalau orang nak mati, dah lama mati dah.” He said.

The way they do it is there is one counter for urine check, one counter for blood tests, one counter for blood pressure checks and ETC. logically speaking, these tests, taken at the same time, should not take more than 15 mins. What is the relevance of going dingdong-ing from one counter to another, and waste more than three hours probably for the whole consultation?

Yeah.. I know, for RM 1 per consultation, surely someone could not ask for more. But bear in mind, we pay the taxes, shouldn’t we deserve better than this?

And why should outpatients be referred to the emergency counter? I would understand if they thought that the outpatient wing could not stay open after 5 pm (Due to building maintenance, short of staff etc.) But couldn’t they just open up another outpatient division within the main building itself after 7 PM? Surely you don’t expect someone that was brought in for an accident case to be mingling around with someone who has diarrhea because they ate bad Dhal curry right?

Besides, judging from the crowd that night, I don’t think the idea was unpractical.

We spent almost 2 hours at GH that night, nothing done. My bro aka wimp turned out to be ok the next day. He could have just dispense with the drama. Because of him, my ‘date’ was cut short.



  1. spent a night at gh with my swollen wrist, on my right - was a man who just got stabbed, on my left - lost his hand in a factory, both still bloodied...the doc? an intern geek.

  2. i would hate to be you at that moment babe..

  3. Hospital gomen memang like that babe. I had my fair share also.

    I was rushed to the GH bcoz of my appendix. I was so much in pain at that time. You know what the doc told me?

    Nah, ni case biasa.. tak emergency sangat

    I nearly wanted to punch him if my mom didn't stop me

  4. i guess to some people (women la mostly), getting married is their biggest achievement in life kut.. sebab tu dia terasa bila u cakap camtu hehehehe

  5. Ure right. To each, her own. I dont understand why ppl need others to re-affirm their beliefs/actions. If a woman is confident that her independence is intact even tho she decides to get married then your posting should not affect them at all.

    I give up with gomen hospital.

  6. the hatemails all sent via Anonymous email acct jugak, betul tak? Hehehe. Another 'chicken' category.
    Bila pulak Malaysian government nak mewajibkan semua pemegang email account (even freemails) to get themselves registered, ye? Just like the pre-paid numbers.

  7. Hear hear on the independence issue!

    Dependent and no balls, doll. That's what it is.

    What a kafoofle.

  8. eleh, only the spineless will hide behind a pseudo aka layan je org macam ni..terasalah tu sebenarnya..

  9. Gila emo! Memang sah terasa pedas. Some people simply grow up and live in their own little cocoon, believing that there is only one way of thinking and any other thoughts are considered offensive, hence justifying a counter strike. Paranoid and always suspicious about personal attacks.

    Anon hatemails? How childish.

    Kalau tak setuju, boleh suarakan seiring tamadun.
    Kalau adab tak kemaskini, boleh blah.

    Btw, gomen hospitals memang gitu. Ever heard about pregnancy and delivery stories from GH? Boleh gila digbuatnya.

  10. Sheryl,

    sometimes doctors are just jerks like that.. kalau tak jerk.. ngada2 dan gatal.. thats why my doctor is a lady.


    maybe, thats why meka menggelatat

  11. 9,

    but i donch hetchu...

    cosmic gurl,

    u and me both babe.. u and me both

  12. dnas,

    abih tu? i am so used to the hate mails ni.. if not because of my different lifestyle, its because of my opinions.. isnt it a wonder why i block all anonymous comments??


    me too.. very the kafoofled.. (I loike that word...)

  13. MsD,

    tak layan pun.. just amused... loike glamor la plak kan... hahaha


    waaa.. saya sangat kagum dengan penggunaan bahasa ibunda saudara.. bolehkah saya tumpang belajo.. eh.. belajar...?? hehehe...

    gomen hospitals and women in labor.. i heard so many nightmares laaa saudara...

  14. Marriage has never been on my agenda. Even in my youth. Now, I know I don't want marriage. And I'm one of the happiest people I know lol.

  15. layout! very clean :D

  16. Lils..

    when i go to weddings, like excited la plak nak get married kan...afterall, who doesnt want to wear all that lace thingamajiy and take pictures (I love camwhoring as much as beingthe one behind the lenses..)

    but everytime i am with someone and it holds that promise of getting married.. freak out pulak.. heh..


    owh.. ni activity sampingan saya semalam seblom tido... so how eh.. okay tak??

  17. anons giving the hatemails? one word...CIKEEEENNNNN
    beb, i already gave up on GH long time ago..huhu
    p.s i loike this layout :P

  18. Lilith,

    OH.. tenkiu, tenkiu...

    meman cikeen all those people

  19. i so dont get it with hate emails or anon emails. but i take it that these ppl care in weird ways to pen their tots down for me to read (in response to whateva i wrote). Or they just to win with their point of view on things.

    When I was ms pirates because of the eye accident last june, they made me wait for hours for the eye specialist. after the 1st treament they asked me to sit outside to wait but when they noticed i was rocking back and forth in pain and my red bloody eye was scaring the other patients waiting their turn, they asked me to wait inside the emergency ward. heh.

  20. inn..

    and i, in a werid way oso like to read their amusing hatemail.. kadang2 berterabo wooo.. not that i am saying my english good or wat laaaa but hello, if kenot use English.. DONT laaaa.. BM kan ada!!

    (Yes this is referring to anyone under email nick 'MakTemah'. yang email me.)

  21. hahahahhaha Mak Temah? hahahahahahha
    adoiii lawakk aaa

  22. nice layout babe..;)

    why gomen service(s) sucks?in my humble opinion,they are just de-motivated like is little,job is give em a break mmmkay?:p

    hatemails?i love hatemails,make me feel glemer like dat.but never got one.dunno if i can handle those hatemails as cool as u tho..

    neway,how bout putting up alllllll those hatemails here for us to read?share lah their opinion as well.

    sape sokong tiena?say 'aye'!:D

  23. selalunya,
    kita akan terasa bila ianya kena pada diri sendiri

    kita terlupa the rational bila terdesak

    and on the gomen thingy,
    here's my comment