Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Me no idea what to write!

I have been having temporary idea lapse for the past weeks.

For one, work consumed me. Last Friday was a breather. Meeting up with one of the blogger pals was a refreshing kickstart to my weekend. What dude it has been like 4-5 months since the last time we met? Even though it was only for a bit, actually only for about 1 hour, it pretty much completes my day. See you again when I see you eh?

And then I was officially the driver to both my Mother and my Sister. I didn’t have time for my Mocha fix even. I am a habitual anal. Missing mocha for one week is definitely not good. I slacked off on my weekly jog too. Plus I ate like I didn’t eat for two weeks.

Nonetheless, it left me with little time to reflect on other things not so important, like blog entries and love life and sucky things like that.

After a whole week and this is the only thing I could come up with. Oh well, I did say that I am on temporary brain lapse didn’t I?

In the meanwhile, have a listen to one of my favorite song. From Sergio Mendes’ phenomenal Timeless album, The Frog (Feat. Q-tip).


  1. The song was a good idea! I like it. The whole album is worth purchasing or not? Thinking of getting it soon.

  2. Dnas,

    definitely babe... Sergio Mendes is always worth getting... if you have always wondered how he sounds like but a bit iffy on getting any of his album, this could be a good start.

    as for me, i knew Sergio Mendes from i was small. my Dad's a Jazz afficionado!

  3. oh i experience it all the time (the brain lapse that is.)muehehehhh..:p

    neway,if my mom listens to the song,she'll say "zaman skarang ni lagu tah ape2 tah..mcm ni pun boleh buat lagu.."

  4. My mum likes Black eyed peas.. go figure. hahahaha

  5. even when you're brain lapse pon somehow i enjoy reading. hmm.. and you have a cool mum! warm greetings!


  6. Babe, jadik dtg this weekend? I nak buat itenary for you

  7. babe..temporary brain lapse? mine is so become permanent.heh...
    juz so u thought u hv so many things to write down, tapi bila mata ngadap screen..hilang segala.


  8. Zaza,

    hehe.. i hope thats a good thing. well.. i do my best la..


    i thot you busy this 25th yang... would prolly arrive in the evening.. cuz ada training in the morning...jadiiiik...

  9. aphrodite...

    not sure if what i wrote up there make any kind of sense la kan... haha

  10. aphrodite,

    my colleague wanted to blog about a dead bird that was suicidal. our office have this huge blue glass panels and we actually had this Ayam hutan who collided with it during its' short flight.