Friday, August 24, 2007

Sarcy’s kind of guy according to A

A is a guy I got to know through another friend. He was that person who came to the rescue whenever I needed company whenever I am struck by boredom. He is divorced so whenever the subject of relationships popped up, he backed out telling me that he would be the last person to be the point of reference.

But not until recently, did I come to know that he actually has his won ideas on what kind of man would suit me. the conversation came on when I was on the phone telling someone that I just don’t appeal to men as someone who would make a good girlfriend or wife.

“Don’t say that.” He said.

“Why? It’s the truth, I have come to that conclusion and I am accepting it.”

“You want to know what I think?”


“I think, you appeal to men, I mean, I am attracted to you. Men are shallow, and they would rarely want to even hang out with someone who doesn’t look good IE attractive. Hell, I am shallow, and I admit to that. But there are not many men out there who appeals to you. You don’t care about looks, nor money. I think you want someone who could take care of you, because you are done taking care of yourself.”

“So what makes you so sure that I don’t care squat about how much money the guy makes if I expect him to take care of me?”

“I meant, to take care of you, emotionally.”

“Are you trying to say that I am emotionally unkempt?”

“No… I said you are tired of taking care of yourself, emotionally. I didn’t say you are emotionally unkempt.”

Aiyaiyai… whatever… let’s samba!

Music: Capoiera Do Brasil
Artist : Sergio Mendes


  1. Hmmm..can one actually gets tired of taking care of their own emotions? Something to think abt i suppose...

  2. alamak...the beginning of the samba is like maki2 in cantonese..:p
    let's shake it babeyyy!!

  3. Sounds to me like A has the hots for you, dear.... la la la la la, Samba!

  4. Cosmic,

    ahh.. yes my dear, they can.ekchelly, there is some truth in what A said, i am tired, so tired, sometimes i am just numb.


    eh? wots that eh??


    he does, and that coming from the horse's mouth too... he is not my type though... i like em' tall and yummy!!!!