Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hari yang sangat memenatkan

Saya sangat penat. Hari ini sangat memenatkan.

Wish I could have someone to massage my painful stressed ligaments, without tickling me. ermm… okehlah… the tickle could make me laugh, a laugh is always good to have, and maybe someone to listen to my babbling while I get my feet massaged.

I told a friend that I need to get married. And you know why is that so? I need someone to have sex with, and I need someone to listen to my cranky whining at the end of the day.

But somehow, when the marriage thing was actually within reach, I run away.

Ntah eh… maybe the thought of my husband falling out of love with me someday, of him maybe having an affair with another woman who is just as interesting as I am but who still has the guts of an unmarried single. Or maybe that fear of having children who would turn out to be just as emotionally distant as me.

I think it’s unfair for any offspring of mine to go through what I went through. I fear the probability of me being judgmental, like my parents right now.

Bottom line is, saya penat, bila penat, saya melalut, bila saya melalut, saya melalut benda yang merapek.


  1. Firstly,
    yesterday I pun potong rambut. hehehe. Victoria Bekham style, again.

    if u plan to have a hubby who would listen to your babbling or cranky whining maybe you'll have to marry a woman, lah. Hehe. Joking only...! Happy Monday!

  2. Saya pun sudah potong rambut.. pendek sket jer... nak try mcm Rihanna.. later lah

  3. DNAS,

    heee... nak nenok..


    allllaaa... dont la later-later...


    no.. just loneleeeee...