Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friday thoughts and sights

Video playing : Rehab (Amy Winehouse)

Common sense

You do not make friends by cracking jokes on their extra pounds on first encounters.

Come this friend of mine who recently met this person in a party organized by one of our friends.

“This bitch shook my hand, introduced herself and told me that I have a beer belly. A beer belly? You could tell me I have a beer belly, but what gives her the right to tell me, someone whom she hardly know, that I have a beer belly?”

Belly overload. And the person, free-free kena called a bitch. Sangat marah this friend of mine.

Granted, she did confess to me that she does have the belly of a beer drinker, but that coming from a stranger whom she have just met seconds after the first handshake, have to admit, even I feel that it is absurd.

What can we call these kinds of people? Inappropriate? Clueless? Ignorant? Insensitive? Straightforward? Or just plain dumb and idiotic?

There is a thin line between being forward, in a good way and in being too obnoxiously forward. In this beer belly incident, the person, whoever it was, was obnoxious (and a few other negative characteristics listed above). Having a flat tummy doesn’t mean that you could put other people’s beer belly down. All the more if you barely know the person.

I have never personally been on the receiving end of such remarks. Considering my short temper and my 24-7 sarcastic mode, I don’t think I could keep quiet. I have always been civilized in meeting people. And I also try to not meet people I don’t like, much. Even if I have no choice, I would steer away from them and mingle with those I feel comfortable with and those whom I, like, better.

Again, it’s common sense wot?

Kiosk dilemma

I was listening to Fly FM this morning in the car on my way to work.

I guess by now, everyone should already know that we might have to fill up before 10 PM in the future.

Personally, I don’t think it is such a big deal, speaking from a consumer’s point of view. I have always make it a point to pump up earlier in the day and I think all drivers should know that they should refill their fuel before any long distance drive, besides, the kiosks on the highways will remain open.

But from the nation’s economy point of view, wouldn’t closing earlier affect the overhead cost in a way? And then we would also have to think about how crowded the kiosks would be if everyone just decided to fill in around 9 pm.

Overall, I don’t think it is a practical idea as I do know some of my friends who preferred to fill in at night. But should they decide to implement this ruling, I don’t have much of a problem either, as long as it doesn’t affect the petrol price I have to pay for my daily commute.

I guess to each his/her own then.


I was driving in front of a woman this morning. She was driving a Viva.

From my position, I could see that she is well groomed, with slightly tanned skin, wonderful luscious pouty lips and a beautiful face.

She was gorgeous in my eyes, and if you knew me well enough, my definition of beauty is different from other people’s. I don’t see having fair skin as a bonus, and I am more into details, things men and sometimes women, usually miss.

During that short halt of about 3 mins, I was wondering how it would be like to kiss her.

I am just twisted like that.


  1. The line before 'I am just twisted like that' almost ripped my eyelids off!

    Am I twisted too, for my increased heart beat now?

  2. to me, 'cuci mata' tgk pompuan lagi best dr 'cuci mata' tgk laki sbb pompuan lagi ramai gorjes2 dr laki yg hensem.

    and i do wonder how it would be like to kiss, hug or whatever with that girl. i was 'pernah digoda' oleh perempuan osso and saya tidak bernafsu utk melayan.

    am i twisted too? :P

  3. whoa twisted eh.;) donch worry,it's only natural.i found myself way too many times wondering abt things like dat too.heheh

  4. If you meet me, you hug me... ok?

  5. People! Heart rate still increasing!

  6. i really like to kiss a girl even more. :p

  7. I dream abt kissing Angelina Jolie ALL the time..guess that makes me twisted as well. heheh...

    Oh that girl is just plain rude! Tak pernah pegi party kot?

  8. agus,

    hehe.. noo.. thats natural and only male.. haha..


    seriously kan? i so agree with you. there are a lot more Gorjesh women out there than men...

  9. Tiena,

    I cant resist women with beautiful skin and heavenly eyes and lips. makes me think of things ya know???


    not only hug2, we cium pipi k???

  10. Sheryl,

    I like kissing a girl better than a man... women are more intimate and we seemed to value the intimacy of a kiss than a man. like how they say, no woman can go down on a woman like a woman can??

    now i sound ultra twisted...


    here... take some ubat penenang.. haha!

  11. 9,

    owh.. i thought you wanted to say that you like kissing a man too..



    tulah pasal... ntah planet mana that girl come from pun i tatau...

    on Angelina Jolie.. she makes me think naughty xrated stuff... :P

  12. Sheryl,

    eh.. i meant no man can go down on a woman like how a woman can.. hehe

  13. oh wow, I likesss this blog!

    i guess deep down, we all are. twisted, that is.

  14. man can go down on a woman like a woman can..mmmmmmm..

    As for people who have an uncautioned mouth and passing crude remarks on another person...I see them as plain jealous and insecured...they get an energy boost when they hurt someone intentionally..
    'let barking dogs lie' is my motto

  15. Dey,

    what so hard about handling people who like to shoot first, ask later?

    all you need to do is shoot her back.

    Easy peasy. Try it!

    On your petrol thingy.. I don't drive. So I can't be arsed about it. Unless they lock the toilet door too?

    Twisted?? show me a guy who don't fancy woman on woman action and i'll show you a picture of Chef Wan dancing on a speaker box.

    panjang tak comment aku? hahaha.

  16. BFeline,

    can we stick a dildo up the barking dog's mouth while we at it?? :)

  17. Dey Cha!!!

    i shoot, but not all of my freind can shoot.

    so you would actually use the toilet at the petrol kiosks after 10 pm?? huh??

    my first porn was a woman on woman scene.. YOU THINK??? hehehe...

    memang panjang comment ko... ko memang banyak cakap... hehehe

  18. All jazzed up,

    thank you dear... i do what i can... conditional la because sometimes i dont have anything to write about... hehe...

    you are right, some get turned on by just looking at a cucumber.

  19. just imagine this.. everybody isi minyak at night using cash.. just before 10... then the operators will know langit tu tinggi ke rendah..

  20. hmmmm...yeah Sarcy...make sure yr battery's new too :D