Thursday, August 23, 2007

On MC? Who me???

You know you’re treading the dangerous grounds of being a workaholic when you are having a serious case of the sniffles but you refused to go and see the doctor because you have some back order issues yet to be resolved at work.

My nose is running everywhere. I have to steal a roll of tissue from the pantry and thank god, I will not be answering phone calls today. I am the one with the sexy cracked husky voice ala Tina Turner today.

I so crave for a bowl of hot porridge with Bovril now. or just that chicken soup with Tofu and pickled radish. I wonder if my Mom will cook it for me if I ask her to.

See, we have this tough love thing going on. My mum will not simply comply to the wishes of her daughter who is at the moment suffering from flu just because she is suffering from flu. And I have reservations about asking my parents to do anything for me just because I am sick. For some reason, I feel odd whenever they offered to give me a backrub or anything when I am sick.

Maybe it is just me who is odd. I mean who would come up with an entry on their blog when they are sick ay??


  1. i always see the doc when i'm sick. sometimes i even ask for MC. then balik tido la.

    i think you should go balik and tido. get a good rest and recover. don't be bringing the flu virus to kl ah?

  2. i'd ask mum for a backrub for sure.

    bovril? err.. nice ah? get well soon!

    (p.s: go makan lai chee kang next to that tip top ikan bakar, it'll help! i miss jb..)


  3. Sarcy dear,

    Get well soon. As the panel doctor at the building I work in alwiz says, 'It's the weather.'

  4. Bovril?? Seriously? Sedap ke?

    Get well soon Sarc! Amik jer MC tu.

  5. Sekarang memang musim org sakit. I pun dah terbersin sana sini.

    Take a gud rest babe. You can dtg on the 25th, you're most welcome. Call me ya? You punye pasal i takkan sibuk sgt lah.

  6. I think it is viral, like my doctor said apart from medication, sleeping/resting helps!

    So gi balik tidola babe :)

  7. get well soon..;) eh u're coming?we can go grooving to the 80's again ah?:p

  8. dahlink, only you can blog whilst being sick and having writer's block. kalau dah dpt mc tu balik je rest. kerja tak pernah siap, tinggalkan dulu.

  9. siannyer demam ehh, get well soon beb, demam2 pon sempat blogging :P

  10. Get well soon dear! I'm still recuperating from the food poisoning i had on Tuesday.

  11. try Panadol Sinus
    it works like a charm (for me at least) every times
    for running nose

  12. as i clicked you page i said what the hell..

    what does that notebook got to do here eh? hehehe.. must be taken rom your last mocha at jusco :p

    reading it, your nose running everywhere, if i took it literally, i would imagine your kembang nose to run over here and there and you were chasing them.

    bila mau pindah?

  13. Des,

    i guess i wont be... huwaaaa... my virus is still virusy.... remember my favor eh??? if laa...


    niice... i have always loved it dari zaman kekecik lagi...

  14. Mark,

    that was what my doctor said also, it is really the weather, and thanks to it, my KL trip had to be cancelled.


    again, Bovril's the bomb.. hehehe..

    believe it or not, i never did take that MC... hahaha

  15. Sheryl,

    Tak Jadiiikkkkk datang.... huhuhu... i tried to call you last night... did kanda anon pass u the message???


    i came in half day for two days... go figure....

  16. tiena,

    we'll groove to the 80's some other time, i promise eh??


    yeah, if writing crap is what you call writing laaaa...

    we'll catch up some other time.. la ni maks tak sedap badan nyahs!!

  17. Lilith,

    only Sarc yang gile can do that... huhuhu...


    my bro food poisoning also... tu pun bleh naik KL lagi.. sah memang my siblings all crazy like me..

  18. Katak,

    the problem with me is that, when i tried panadol menstrual for my period pain tak jalan... so i dont trust OTC medication anymore...


    erkk.... mabuk ka??? nose running everywhere, figure of speech la deyy.