Monday, August 31, 2009

Raya and plastic flowers.

For the record my mother and I are both not really into plastic flowers.

I am the high maintenance type. I would rather spend more to get fresh ones. My Mum hates plastic flowers because it gathers dust like a vacuum cleaner. Both of us hate the process of cleaning them and both of us hate trying to figure out where to store them.

My Mum's practical, me... I am just fussy.

On the way back to KL, my Aunt, Mama Ji, who has incredible patience for these kinds of stuff and my uncle who also has the same type of patience, stopped at Ayer Hitam.

Ayer Hitam is famous for it's ceramic potteries and plastic flowers and all kinds of decorational stuff. I remembered tagging along with my Grandma, back when she was younger here. I loved the stuff they have. I got my first 'Tabung ayam' (The piggy bank in the shape of a cock, remember that one? The one that you will have to break to get whatever cash out from it) here.

Nostalgia aside, Ayer Hitam is the one place where you can get plastic flowers and all mother of house decoration items at a fraction of the price... a whole bouquet arranged on the spot will only cost you RM 20. Cute mugs (as in the thing you use to drink from) were going for 5 for RM 10.

It is your heaven if you are into these kinds of stuff (Which is evident that I am not...)

A snapshot at the flower shop I was at
One of the shots I managed to get from the shade. It was about 3 PM in the afternoon and it was HOT!

I bought some snacks to bring to work, namely some banana chips, keropoks (Fish crackers) and stuff. 6 big packs for 20 bucks!

The place will start to get busier one week before Raya I was told by Mama Ji.

*Sigh... Raya time moving too damn fast nowadays that it makes you look back everytime some festival is on???*

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