Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the first day of Puasa I went and do these stuff!

The first day of puasa was relaxing.
I was on leave or what my American counterparts would call on my 8 hours PTO a day before Puasa. I slept from 2 am EST to 2pm EST. When I woke up, I realized that I had to go and take my sahur. Called up KTB at work and checked when was his lunch break. Around 3.40 pm EST I drove to the office. Picked KTB up and went to Mamak to have food.
I was thinking of having something heavier than my usual food. I flicked open my purse and found out that I forgot to take out some money and is now left with RM 7. Heh...
So my first day sahur was a plate of Roti Banjir with Dhal and Iced tea.
I then went to the office... yeap... office. I didn't have anything to do at home anyway. I didn't do work but I was in the office. (Yup I am sad like that...)
We had team dinner later that night, so by 6.15, I picked up KTB and Sharan and was already on our way to Bangsar. The team was officially 1 year in operation and decided that we should celebrate it with the rest of the team members.

The team originally started with 13 different members. To date only 3 from the original group stayed behind, and that includes myself, Joyce and Thanes.

The rest either deserved the termination they got or just went MIA. Yeap I know... silly. People are looking for jobs and yet Malaysians are constantly looking for better opportunities just for a slight hike in dollar and cents.
Everyone made an effort to make an appearance and it turned out to be a fun night. We were camwhoring like nobody's business and I am just happy that I get to eat.
After dinner, KTB, Sharan, Joyce, Chris and myself decided to go and catch a movie. They talked about the movie during dinner and it sounded interesting. So we drove to Cineleisure and bought the tickets. The movie was a midnight screening and so we had about 1 hour to kill. Sharan spotted a gorgeous hunk so purposely sat around the gorheous hunk's table so that Sharan could get a chance. We then officially brought Sharan in the Chicken club, which existing members are known as Sarc and KTB.
Well now... on the movie... umm....
The movie's title is 'The Orphan'. The cast was unknown, and the movie on the whole... well...
Have you ever been in a movie where you will just be aching to leave... it would probably be because it was bad, but this movie... well it wasn't bad... in any sense.. well it was just... well... heavy. It was really disturbing and I was restless.
"Oh WTF?Can we just leave ... like now?? I can't see this anymore."
But really, I know that I wanted to stay on and check out the ending. I ended up with a migraine after that.
I have a feeling that everyone in the theatre was just glad that the bitch in the movie died in the end. And that the protagonist won. It was a disturbing yet.. well I have to admit, the twist was rather ok. So it was an OK movie provided that you are ok to be disturbed by most of the scenes in the movie.
And no, if you have kids and you wanted to bring your children to see this one, my suggestion (That I HOPE won't fall on deaf ears this time) is to DON'T bring them at all.
Owh.... having migraine again. 


  1. Orphan nice ka? Or just plain disturbing?

    And pardon my obscene observation but you have some nice cleavage. Compliment with no intent. :P (See 1st pic)

  2. orphan-disturbing... really... seresly... your wife is preggers right?


    owh thank you.. hihihih