Sunday, August 2, 2009


I think I have mentioned before that I have an unfaltering belief in Karma.

Fine, I have been told by my friends that Karma is not really an Islamic concept and that I shouldn't believe in it.

But what part of 'Do unto others what you hope others would do to you' could possibly get lost in translation? Karma is a concept that you can believe in, regardless if you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist.

I found a gold band in the gym's shower. It is a simple gold band, that could have mean something to the owner.

To me, a stranger, it could either be a keep / or I could just sell it off for a sum that will not even cut a quarter of my salary.

I gave it to the gym's reception.

After that something got me thinking;

To me, it seemed like a righteous thing to do. Afterall, if any of my gold jewelry (Not that I would wear them to the gym that is) got lost in the shower or anywhere else, it would be nice if I can get it back.

Having lost my purse twice in the washroom, and not getting them back at all, kind of prompted me to live my life on the Karma basis. It's not a nice feeling to lose something of importance to you, like your ID, driving license, credit cards and everything else.

Don't tell me as a Muslim, you don't believe in doing good to others and expect the same?

So that said, I don't understand why is it that people can talk so much crap about a particular concept that is only noble and well... derived out of basic common sense and turn it around to be a sacrilegious act.

Well, I hope the gold band managed to find its' way to the owner. One thing about living your life according to Karma, it allows you to live what's left of your life without guilt.


  1. you are right on that, so long that you don't live on that faith... sekadar just a belief that tuhan tu akan membalas benda baik yang kita buat sama macam kalau kita buat jahat, dapat balasan free.

    no big deal la sapa yang tak faham concept tu. ish.

  2. News to me. Didn't know karma isn't an Islamic concept.

  3. Right said.

    But having lose your purse twice in a gym and not getting it back is really sucky.

  4. Juan,

    a lot of people tak faham.. I think, thats why jail dont have enough space.


    It's actually a Buddhist and Hindu concept. related with Jain and Sikhism also.


    I didnt. Never in the gym. twice before I hit 25. :)