Sunday, August 30, 2009

Break fast galore... the second reason why I am freaked out by the coming Raya

I was back in JB for the weekend. Got an extra leave day (Thanks to KTB.. wurve you!) on Monday.

Aside from driving from KL to JB with me still not having any sleep for the past 12 hours, the homecoming since the last couple of months was somehow nostalgic.

A lot of things happened in JB, I will leave it at that.

I missed the whole Saturday as I was sleeping it off.

So on Sunday, we went to my Grandparents' for break fast. A trip to my Grandparents' on a Sunday would mean that we would walk through one of the coolest 'Pasar Malam' or literally translated as night market.
You will just have to step out of the house's driveway and you can buy whatever it was that decided to set stall in front of the house!

And I really mean whatever.
Another thing about going back to my grandparents' would be the food. My Grandpa reminded me when I asked one of my cousins to go for a walk in the night market was to NOT buy anything else. Our dining table was a full house!! 
The stars of the night were;

Taraa.... 'Sup Gear Box', otherwise known as Bone marrow soup. This one is mutton. The bone marrow soup is usually eaten with a straw, yes a straw, because the whole point of eating one is to slurp out the marrow and to eat it with the soup. And also, people would knock their bones on their plates just to get those gooey stuff out.

I don't eat this... I love the soup though.

And of course, Laksa Johor.

I think Laksa Johor is the best dish in the whole of Malaysia. Of course people would think that our version of the laksa is a bit too rich as ours not are as watery  as the other versions. Ours are made with ground fish (deboned, of course) and the gravy is thicken with coconut milk and for a bit more flavour, some dried tamarind pieces.

Aaand, we served ours with spaghetti, not rice noodles okay.. we are just a bit eksyen like that with our colonial roots.
Plus... we Johoreans eat our Laksa i.e Pasta with our fingers... yummm!!!!

I started my break fast with these babies.... mutton Murtabaks (pancakes stuffed with onions and pieces of spiced pieces of meat) and a bit of curried mutton.
This was how the whole familia looked like at the end of the feast.

After that I went to meet up with Kak Neesa. We drove everywhere to find a place we can chill at. (By the way, I only managed to meet her at 10,no thanks to my Dad driving at 60 KM/h on the highway).

We wanted to check out the bazaar at Danga Bay, but it was packed with people last night thanks to the Merdeka eve celebration. So we detoured and ended up at Burger King and we chill and bitched there.

I bought a Swarovski crystal handmade bracelet from Kak Neesa. It was cute seee.... (the bracelet not the grinning person wearing them.)


  1. Darling .. the food looks fab :-) geramnya :D ... nanti bila gue turun JB .. have to ask you abt where to eat :D ..oh and nice bling ;-)

  2. You need to sleep more. Those eye bags are not doing you any good.

    As for the food, I can't say I have an appreciation for malay food. I don't understand how any one can eat veges raw! But having said that I have tasted one of the best Nasi Kerabu ever made. But it was a bit toned down by Chef Ismail so that the kwai loh could eat it without puking. I like toned down Nasi Kerabu. Yum.

  3. ome..yup... please email me la daaaaaahling.. I would give you all the best places.


    well everytime I go back to JB, It's almost a guarantee that I would not get enough sleep. But then, one who work my kind of hours really dont have any kind of choice. I like my job, and I like the hours... it's fuss free... :)

    I will go and spend 500 bucks for a tub of La Mer eye cream then... :P...Yeah right I will.

  4. izso,

    oh yeah on the food.

    Being half Chinese and half Malay, I would say that I can appreciate both foods well. I love ulams, its good for you. eat it with rice and sambal belacan and you will be in heaven.

    And I also love the chicken soup with herbs and peanuts that my Mum would usually brew... its sweet and sour at the same time.

    The one cuisine that I have zero appreciation for would be anything scandinavian, except for the meatballs, bland stuff dont go down well with me. :P