Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me taking on a brand new world...

Yesterday was my measurement day with my trainer.

I lost another 2 kilos, I have lost 5cms off my waist and my muscle mass increased by 1.5 kilo.

That means, I am on my way to hotness... total hotness... sizzling!

This is all of course for personal gratification. I do not have a love interest to keep myself hot for, I am above all that, well... I think...

I have this thing, on a guy who goes to the same gym, he'd usually be there everyday at 9.30 am. Last week, I said hi and we kind of talked briefly for about maybe 3 minutes. He was asking me about my training, I politely said it's going great (despite the fact that I was close to kicking my trainer on the groin for making me suffer so much that morning) and I asked him how was it that he finished a bit too early that day. So he was telling me about his injury and all...

Well... granted that he might be gay. Most guys in the gym seemed to be one. I have a walking talking 'Gay'-dar by my side (KTB that is) so everytime I fancied a guy, I will turn to him and ask "Bits (Panggilan manja and abbeviation for 'Bitch') ... he gay ah??" and crossing my fingers that the guy I like is not one.

So after finally saying hi to a guy I fancied who could be gay, my next mission is to take on wall climbing. This would have to be after Raya. I still have one whole month to work on my left weak arm.

I feel as if I can take on anything after losing pounds, looking hotter and feeling desirable (Okehlah...).

Of course I do feel depressed sometimes, I do cry in my sleep without knowing and I do feel ... well lonely... but I have good friends who are there for me, and bigger things to think about. Finding a soulmate, well... my soulmate for now is myself, but I welcome the notion that someone else might be one for me.

To my soulmate, tak taulah what's your name.... Abu, Ah Chong, Muthu, Shah Rukh Khan, Eric, John, whatever I am already digging you... dude...


  1. Wall climbing.. I want! I used to go every weekend until they closed down in Summit USJ.

  2. waaah.. expert is it??? The last time I went was like well.. years ago la... I think they have one in One U but I have to check that out first. I have problem with my left arm, it's my weak arm... but i really want to start wallclimbing again... I love the adrenaline rush!

  3. Expert - nah. I do it for fun. And considering my size, it's not easy at all. Heh. I prefer the term "Experienced".

    The one in One-U is quite expensive. Per session adds up to be about RM70 and theres a time limit if I'm not mistaken. That kinda blows. Joining membership makes it more worthwhile though.


  4. per session 70? that is expensive... I am checking out the membership la like that...

    jom... I dare youuuu.


    But won't be going often considering how expensive it is nowadays. Sigh. Go hiking la.. cheaper and fresher air.

  6. woi jommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. how? Hehe