Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's time to get back to my cam whoring ways!!!

Anybody who knew me would know that I love photography. Once upon a time ago, I would devote my weekends to take pictures. Using my little digital camera, I would snap at everything that I can.

I was the ultimate shutter bug and subsequently, very fittingly... the ultimate camwhore.

I lost it when I started working in KL. I was too busy getting trained and now too busy training people to have time for professional camwhoring.

I am getting back on the wagon dammit! I will be fully functional after I get proper Photoshop apps installed in my new laptop.

Goofing in the office after 6.30 am (Shot by KTB)

My friends, Bitch and Trash, who I can, fittingly bitch and trash with.

Me (I am cute right.... I know... Hahahaha) with my gym buddy

My breakfast before I hit the gym. I have always love the signature kopitiam cups and saucers. Found out that they are frikkin' cheap too!

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