Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan lagi

Fasting month is here again.

As you guys would know, I am a gym freak. So a lot of my friends asked me if I am still going to work out during puasa month.

I guess they were shocked when I said,

"Of course la dude. Puasa is no reason for you to stop."

Yup... training will not be as vigorous, but I won't stop.


I don't really remember last year's ramadhan. I was busy with work and stuff, and I spend the day sleeping. I do remember the fantastic food at my auntie's house when I was staying there. It's either I ballooned up, or I slimmed down.

I think I put on weight, actually.

So this year, there will be no good food, only healthy food (Trust me... when they said that healthy food are mostly good ones... well they are lying... hehe).

I miss my Aunt's cooking.

I actually dread Ramadhan this year, because I promised my Grandma that I would somehow bring home a guy to the house this year. A guy as in a boyfriend. I think I will get a gay friend to act as one. :P


  1. Good luck on avoiding all that lovely ketupat, satay sauce and most excellent lamb chops. :D

  2. sarc, selamat berpuasa. lol. pls blog abt it -- if you do bring your friend to see your grandma.

  3. Izso,

    I don't really eat a lot of those during Raya, my weakness is all the sweet stuff.. like my Aunts chocolate fudge cake... :|~


    Selamat berpuasa to you too babe... I wil I will.... sekarang rajin update... hahahahaha

  4. Sarc,

    Perhaps if you share with grandma your adventures/misadventures in bringing home a guy to meet her, she might just go easy on you as an appreciation of your efforts?

    Anyhow, selamat berpuasa.