Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of course you tend to write when you are up at 6 am in the morning...

--->Note about this Picture - Yes... that is Buttons, curling up comfortably in my Triumph bra, on my bed.

I am up at 6 am in the morning right now.

Mainly because, well I went to sleep at maybe 10 mins to 9 pm yesterday because I went out to Bangsar wanting to eat nasi daun pisang (Banana leaf rice) only to end up buying a piece of pretzel. The stupid woman gave me mango juice instead of the lemonade I wanted and the pretzel was so dry I can use it to defend myself against food sample supermarket people.

It was a Sunday, I was not in the right state of mind. Was contemplating on going to the gym, well... I never went, I blame it on the rain really, and the fact that today was my ultimate lazy day. I was a chronic lazy fucker. All I wanted to do was to lie in bed, with my laptop (Trash gave me her broadband access since her laptop went kaput. So I am grateful for that since the P1 person I wanted to go to to get one was involved in an accident. As you can see, there had been a lot of drama going on lately.) either playing RPG games or just googling for the origins of the word 'breakfast'.

I successfully fended off my urge to have Baskin's Maui Chocolate lowfat Yoghurt thingie. It's low fat, but it is still fat. I wanted to eat, but I didn't want to eat alone. Well... not because I am concerned about eating alone, I just didn't feel like eating alone. I drove back home and even though KTB said he was going out to Bangsar to get his pint of ice cream (He is a chocolate peppermint maniac) and said he would be coming over to pick me up because I was lazy to drive out, I said ;

"No. I am depressed and lazy. When I am depressed, I don't want to eat. I am tired for no reason. I am depressed."

Well, not that I am having a chronic case of depression, it's just that I was feeling down, totally rotten, and whiney. People have that sometimes, that is why I love being at work... there would always be someone you can shout to if you are about to feel rotten, i.e... you can shout at your IT fellows because your PC is giving you problems.

My real problem, I think was not getting to eat what I want... and also the fact that the house is becoming a cat poo sanctuary. Our new housemates brought along two persian cats, which bothered not only our cat but also our livelihood at the moment.

Persians are spoilt high maintenance cats. They were eating our cat's, Buttons', food and have been shitting all over the house despite having their big ass kitty litter. I didn't even feel like going out to cook anymore nowadays. Can't help but to feel as though I was drenched in cat poo the moment I stepped out to the living room.

I was telling Joyce that by this time next year, We have to go and find somewhere else to move. We need our own place, a proper couch, proper everything. Even a proper cat bed for Buttons, who we usually referred to as Ass, actually, because she can be an ass sometimes, climbing up on our laundry and destroying puny plastic plants that belongs to the landlord.

It is now officially almost 12 hours since my pretzel consumption, I think I need to cook something. I would have to brave that shit fest outside and go to the kitchen.


  1. That's an expensive bra to let a kitten snuggle up in.

  2. Nola... nowadays you can get two Triumph bras at RM 80 for two... hihihi...

  3. Nola... nowadays you can get two Triumph bras at RM 80 for two... hihihi...