Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Randomly speaking...

Yesterday was one of those days that I had an urge on doing something quite... well... spontaneous.

The last time this happened, I joined a gym.

I had a broadband flyer for some time in my car. So I decided, heck... I am a grown up... all 30 years of it... maybe it is time I give up my extravagant and simply tiring habit of going to Starbucks to surf the net and have caffeinated drinks. So... I was thinking of taking up a wireless broadband connection. They are having quite good offers actually.

So I went to Border's where I actually took the flyer from... like maybe a week ago. I was in my gym clothes. I didn't feel like showering at the gym and decided before I go back to my tiny apartment to shower, I better get this nagging thought of doing something spontaneous off my head.

The paddock was closed, much to my disappointment. I glanced at my cellphone, it was about 11 am in the morning. I have not been sleeping for the past 13 hours, I am in my gym shorts, sports bra and damp underwear, holding on to my water bottle.

I walked over to the counter and asked the Border's guy who was standing there.

"Dik... counter ni bila bukak?"

"Hari ni takde kak. Dia eksiden."

Whoah... I wasn't expecting that. My expression must have prompted the Border's guy to instinctively give out a little laugh, one that was equivalent to a hamster choking.

"Oh... bila rasanya... I mean... takde orang ganti ke?"

"Tu kita tak tau kak."

I walked away, not before buying a copy of Newsweek. Hmm... the day my spontaneous plans got foiled by a broadband guy who met with an accident... interesting...

I then walked to get something to eat. When you work out, you need energy to replenish the ones you have used. I brisk walked for about 15 minutes and ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill before I went from one machine to another like a zombie. By the time I am finished, I am 200 calories burnt out and was as hungry as a horse... I could have eaten one... even.

Subconsciously, I walked to Subway and ordered a meatball sandwich with extra pickled jalapenos and vinegar and oil sauce on wheat bread.

I know it is only a sandwich... but I swear to God, it was the best thing I have ever had the entire week. Only a plate of rice with my mum's beef rendang could beat that. :P~... Strange how a frikkin' sandwich can make you feel. Heh.


While waiting for KTB, fresh from my shower, I sat at the lounge with a glass of iced lemon tea and a magazine.

Tell me exactly how many working class women in Malaysia could afford a bag worth 4Gs, another question that ran through my head was, how many of them... could actually buy a dress from Hermes worth around 6Gs?

Once upon a time ago, I had an ambition (a rather blonde one, actually...) to be the editor in chief for a glossy magazine. Now, my dream (which, considering my change of career paths, will always be a dream) would be to be a writer for Newsweek or Times.

EIC for Bazaar or Vogue kind of lost its' appeal. I don't see a need for me to oversee so called charity galas and fashion event, even if I am a vain person.

But that's just me...

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