Saturday, July 25, 2009


I spent 4 frikkin' months searching for a pair of wedges in my size.

I went from KL to JB, to all imaginable complexes that I can get to.

All was in vain.

I was searching for yet another pair of shoes that I have not YET managed to get in my size.

Went to Ikano, Curve and OneU with Joyce and KTB.

And what do you know I found the pair I was looking for 4 months ago in my size!

So that means another 4 fucking months to get the other shoes I want!


  1. HAha.. your feet size is abnormal eh?

  2. Size 3, eh? But that wedges looks cute on you.

  3. Izso,

    you can say that... :P


    hihi... that would make me look so not balanced!