Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Ramadhan, Sarcy cooks... and she cooks a lot.

Today, I couldn't sleep.

I think I should change my curtains and make my room as dark as possible.

So rather than attempting in very futile measures to sleep,  I decided to wake up and do something productive.

I tell you, it's hard to do so when you share a house with two incompetent twits who has two persian cats who stink from hell to back. My house ain't pretty and that's not just a figure of speech. Joyce and I battle fucking cat shit everyday.

The two idiots don't work, wake up 2 hours before buka and didn't change their kitty litter for the two most annoying persian cats.

I am a cat lover, I have had more than one cat in  my house, but our cats are clean, we are clean... so this never happened in my family.

Anyway... productively speaking, I woke up, feeling like having pasta with white sauce for buka. So I decided to make one, from scratch.

Originally, alfredo sauce is creamy and full of calories. I found a recipe online with the healthy version. Theirs used skimmed milk, but I only have low fat milk at home. Anyway, to make it you would need:

- 1 tbsp unsalted butter
- 1 1/2 cups of skimmed / low fat milk
- 1 tbsp flour
- About 3/4 grated Parmesan cheese (I used Kraft single cheddar slices... well I don't keep parmesan for kicks you know.)
- Salt
- Herbs (optional)

Well, it's pretty easy to make Alfredo sauce actually.

1) Heat a sauce pan on low heat and heat up the milk and butter together. I would recommend using a whisk as it is easier doing so.

2) After about 3 minutes of constant whisking, slowly add in the flour. Do it slowly so the flour won't clump.

3) Whisk the mixture on low heat for 1-2 minutes.

4) Add in the cheese, parmesan / cheddar, whichever you prefer and keep on whisking for additional 1 minute. If you want to use cheddar, it will be slightly creamier. Don't attempt adding in Feta cheese though. I find feta doesn't contribute to the taste much.

4) Turn off the heat and add in the salt and herbs. Herbs are optional by the way. You can add in either fresh Basil or dried italian herbs you get from the store.

And Tadaaaa! you get alfredo sauce!! You can have it with pasta or boil potatoes, mix it with herbs and you get instant potato salad, best eaten with roast chicken. (Roast chickens I don't do... I don't have the expertise to do that... yet)

Yes... I cook stuff when I get frustrated from lack of sleep. That is why I must get curtains!!!

End result, ready for storage in the fridge.


  1. sarcy, thanks for the recipe. i only do bolognese sauce from scratch. have never attempted white sauce.. hehe... will try this!

  2. I like bolognaise only. The white creamy stuff can jelak very fast.

    Ever tried tomato based sauce with tomyam paste? Hehehe

  3. Jade,

    Your welcome.

    I knew how to do this... but it's just that I don't do it often because even though its low fat,it is still loaded with cream..

    For bolognese I love using sundried tomatoes to get the paste. tastes heavenly.


    Actually, pasta is easy to jelak. I agree with you.

    tomato based sauce with tomyam??? pray tell how???

  4. Make your usual Tomato based sauce, throw in a teaspoonful of tomyam paste and taste! (Not too much otherwise it'll overpower. Not nice)