Friday, September 11, 2009

Shoe story and my take on being frugal in a divaesque kind of way

Did I mention that I have a weakness for these things?

a) Shoes
b) Bags
c) Dresses
d) Umm... shoes?

Yes... my ultimate weakness are shoes. The nice sleek shoe rack at Ikea won't be able to accommodate my endless need for more shoes.

Pretty shoes.

Check this out, for RM 89 (Or was it RM 79? Can't remember, wasn't really concerned about the price tag.) I bought these beauties.

Lihatla kakiku yang sangat comel, here pictured with someone's not so comel feet. (Wurve you!!! Heh)

Yeap, I might have maybe close to 30 pair of shoes. This pair was picked out by KTB. I was hesitating to get it because it was satin. I don't really prefer satin shoes, it is extremely fragile. However I love the color.

And it is a little bit slutty innit with all those straps?

So because KTB keep on bugging asking me to blog about the gorgeous shoes, I am doing it right now. So bear with my cam whoring shots taken with the shoes.

I love the height... see...

Yes yes... I am working on my jiggly bits... wait la...

The shoes were priced at less than RM 100, I thought that was a steal. I bought another pair for Raya (thought that this pair was too complicated for beraya) at less than RM 100 also.

I know I should be 'frugal' and be more careful with my cash, but hey... it's shoes!! Gagagagagagaaaaa....

I said that I might come up with a follow up to The Goddess' entry on frugality. Well... I have too many weaknesses for materialistic stuff to talk about frugality.

But if you do NOT have a Sugar Daddy and has to pay for almost everything themselves (Ie... single), do you even have a choice?

For a start, let's talk about Baju Kurung, because it will be Raya soon.

When I was working in PR, I used to be super fussy about my baju kurung Johor. Reason being that in PR, looking presentable is EVERYTHING. If you don't look the part, you are not doing it right.

Now, I don't really have the need to be particular about it. The trick to buying baju kurung is to identify the perfect fit. You don't want to be looking pregnant, or have people thought that you bought your suit at the same place you bought your curtains at. It must fit well, not too tight making you look like you are wearing 'sarung nangka' and not too loose like you are wearing your mother's bed sheets.

Guess what, you can buy a decent pair that will make you look like a demure Perempuan Melayu Terakhir at RM 50 bucks at Johor. 

Of course you can get better ones at a higher price tag. My 'baju Raya' last year was bought at RM 150 and it was of fine chiffon. It looks gorgeous, but you know what, if you know that you are only going to be wearing it 1-4 times a year, no point splurging. Me, again, I am just fussy. 

But you will not catch me buying one suit at RM 400 and above, that's for sure. Hello, Ramadhan and Syawal is a month of humility is it not, ish? 

I noticed that I spend a lot on food. If you want to know why it is because healthy food tastes bleagh but costs slightly higher than your average food.

So yes... that's why I cook my own food ladies and gents. Jimat cermat. You don't have service tax for your own cooked food. And you can even eat naked in your room, with your cat sitting obediently beside you.

Good thing for me is that I don't believe in wearing too much make up. I only wear foundation, eye brow liner, liquid eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Used to wear MAC but stopped after I found out that you can get a mini compact from Silkygirl for RM 26 ish, an eyeliner for RM 30 ish from ZA, you can double up your lipstick as your blusher, and when I found out that LipIce sheer color that you can buy from Watson's works like a miracle for my dry chapped lips, and it is only RM 11 ish, I have been using that eversince.

Nothing is more attractive like lips that looked like you have just sucked on a juicy strawberry. I swear!!!! 

Everything is RM - ish because it is soooo ridiculously cheap that I don't even have to remember the price. Heh...  Of course right now I am trying to scrimp on my MAC compact la kan. Ahahahaha... hello I am only woman. Once in a while, I surrender and it is just IRRESISTABLE.

Well... now let me just try to make my point:

a) Women has more than 10 1 pair of shoes because our feet looks good in more than one pair.
b) Frugality is not equal to Frumpy
c) LipIce rocks...
d) I still have not found my second raya outfit... so much for trying to be frugal. My Mum is asking me when am I going to wear the other Raya outfits hanging in the closet.



  1. 30 sounds acceptable. don't go for 1,200. imelda will be pissed..

    and buying shoes for its slutty factor is absolutely priceless. lol

  2. oh i googled. imelda's shoes = 2000+ ;)

  3. Hi Sarcy,

    30 is still ok. My friend buys shoes on average 10+ pairs per year and probably only wears half of them! They are still in the box, nicely arranged in her wardrobe.

    Anyway, reason i left comment was bcos of the 'sugar daddy' highlight. *grins* Spending with our own money gives pleasure.

  4. hihihi...

    I think I am breaking my 30 shoes count. The first thing I would check out whenever i go shopping would be shoes... can't help it... it's in the blood. :P


    Thanks for dropping by.

    that's true, spending with our own money gives pleasure, but once in a while, well.. I guess its not too bad when someone just decided to pay for everything ... of course... that is only a dream.. :P

  5. 3 inch heels? I don't understand how women can walk a whole day in 3 inch heels. Kills the back imho

  6. izso,

    3 inch heels takes skill and posture to carry.

    It doesn't matter, high heels are invented by men anyway.. they wore it before we do. :)