Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was looking forward to the weekends.

One of the reason being, things had been crazy at work. between thinking about escalations, quality and staffing issues, a long break is what I need.

There is always something constantly changing in my work. I don't like it, but it's work, in the end. it's my responsibility. And I love what I do... so I'll leave it at that.

On Saturday, after sleeping for at least 4 hours in the morning and waking up at 2 pm in the afternoon, I was feeling... well... like that lah...

Made an Iftar plan with my good friend Sue and of course KTB wanted to tag along. So got ready and drove to The Curve.

When Italiannies first opened, I remembered the service was fantabulous, the food was glorious and I was impressed.

I wonder what actually happened to that fuck of a restaurant now. We had a reservation, our food came late when others who arrived later than us got their food first. Thank God we ordered soup, or else, mati kebuloq agaknya. Sue was making a fuss, rightfully.

She ordered Milanese Chicken. (or something like that) and me, Salmon Fetuccine.

The chicken was dry, my salmon was dry. But the Chicken came with the most glorious white cheese sauce. No pictures here because by the time our food arrived, we just want to eat, no time to cam whore.

KTB got the 'lunch portion' Roast Chicken something something. We loved the spicy and hot gravy, the chicken was again, dry.

The chef tu like dried pieces of chicken kot!

I took pictures of his meal though.

That's a lunch portion... good for two people actually.

But good company compensated for the bad food. I love sitting down for a good meal with friends. The conversation was, to die for.

The next time though, our Iftar would be at the Banana Rice place or TGI or Chilli's. I loved the Seared Salmon pasta over at TGI. Now THAT's salmon la kan, bukan like stoopid so called Salmon fetuccine at Italiannies tu.

Nak tengok muka orang kenyang??? Sila...


  1. Totally agree that the food at Italiannies has gone down the drain. The one at The Curve anyway, dunno about their other branches.

    Cutting corners perhaps?

    Here's to juicy grilled chicken!

  2. Farishta,

    Other outlets are the same. The last time we went over to the one in OneU and had meatball bolognaise. I think I'd rather cook my own pasta at home, taste better. Roasted Chicken at Giant tastes better. :P