Monday, September 7, 2009


I have been sitting in front of my laptop for maybe 20 minutes trying to figure out what to write.

Well... I was also fending off the crazy cat who kept on wanting to sit on my lap, which she eventually succeeded for about 5 minutes, before she does her crazy again and started clawing at my thighs.

Kucing gila!

Anyway, I was sick for the last couple of days. Irony of a long weekend.

I am looking for a second outfit for Raya. I seriously don't know what to buy. The thing about me is that it has to 'call' out to me! At the moment, nothing is calling out to me. I even asked my Mum to buy me my Baju Kurung Johor. I confuse myself.



  1. me too. they have to call out to me. haha. and this year will be my first year trying to get a ready made baju raya. sangat clueless. i heard jalan tar is ridiculously packed. sangat alah tempat sesak (mengada) but i can't spend much on baju raya this year. and don't want to -- for an outfit that i only wear may be 3 times a year.

    (i heard tesco pun jual baju raya... itu diaa... lepas beli ikan boleh beli baju raya. i ok je)

  2. Darlene,

    hehehe... Tesco eh?? Giant pun ada.. some of the kebaya tops look good okeh, and at 30 bucks... you know deep inside, it's just attractive as hell.

    It doesnt matter. Like how my gay friend tells me, it doesnt matter if you are wearing something cheap or mahal. kalau muka murahan, perangai murahan, baju tuh walaupun berjenama gucci bought from Milan, jadi murahan jugak.. :P

  3. i am all set babe. money doesn't guarantee you to be faboosh (belajar perkataan ini from esp that my car air conditioner suddenly just need 'mani and pedi' this week (haha. perlu ke cerita di blog orang lain?). my niece bought one of her baju raya for rm 40 in hypermarket. seriously cantik. i pun rasa nak pinjam.

    *holding a calculator*

  4. Hmm..that's not what my wife said. She said the feel of a LV Handbag is totally different vs carrying a Vincci handbag. One costs almost 1000x more than the other.

  5. Darlene,
    you can cerita whatever whenever in my blog you... hahahaha...

    I went to one of the makeshift boutiques yesterday in Giant Damansara, yelah kan dah tempat bermastautin kat sana... I saw this one nice kebaya la.. I went and asked la..

    I thought the going price was maybe 150 bucks / 180 la... guess what, it was going for 358 bucks, 'After diskaun 20 pesen kak' kata nya the salesgirl..

    Cheh... I would rather go to high end boutiques like that if I want to splurge... I think its better for me to spend that money on kuih raya.

  6. Izso,

    True, not denying.. but again, But I think even if you have a RM 10000 Birkins (that price tag is actually the cheapest) but your attitude is a 0.01 cent... that bag will look like it's rip off from petaling street anyway... :)