Saturday, September 26, 2009

Old friends and lamentation on the hairstylists' chair

I have enjoyed the company of a lot of old friends since I came home to JB. I arranged for a meet up with Anna, Chandra, Kak Neesa and even organized a movie night with Ronnie and Anthony.

I went to my former work place and met with my former colleagues, whats left of them there anyway. My main purpose was to actually meet Kak Neesa who started work on Friday. I was then told that Awi, a VERY long time colleague and who eventually became my partner in crime together with Anna during 'those days' came over the day before. I took his phone number and arranged for a night out.

It was great to see him after so long. It had been 2 years since he disappeared (Both myself and Anna gave him our piece of mind for that.)

'Kau dah jadi kurus dan hitam!' (You have become dark and skinny!) That was what I told him when I first saw him.

Before that I went to Shah's house for Raya to visit his mother and sister. Again, it's been long also since the three of us got together for anything. I was busy in KL and apparently Shah is virtually impossible to contact. Over a meal of fried macaroni, we talked and we laughed.

Of course then Shah promised to keep in touch. I just smirked and smacked him on his head.


After that, I went to a salon for a haircut. I have donned the long unkempt hair so long because I didn't have the time to go and have it done in KL.

I did some lamentation on the chair. It was actually my opinion on the services. I used to go there for R but was told by Anna that he moved to Danga Bay, but I was already there so it makes no sense for me to leave.

1) I had to wait as there was only one stylist available. He had to shampoo and blowdry another customer who apparently made a booking. Got me thinking that surely business is not that bad that they are not able to take in another stylist after R left.

2) Nowadays there is a lot of non-Chinese who can speak in Chinese, that includes me (Well.. I can't speak that well, I understand though), so it is really brainless for anyone to speak about another person in another language knowing that fact. The assistant of the salon was literally saying;

"Just do her (The person who made the booking) hair first. Kuan ta! (Literally means - Don't give a fuck about the other one)."

Some customer service. Thank god she is not one of the stylist, or else there goes her business.

After that another non - Chinese customer came over. Thank God the woman didn't say anything bad because the customer happened to know how to speak in Chinese.

3)  I asked for a layer do for my long hair and to have my hair thinned. The process was well... long and a bit painful. The stylist (His name was Sky... hehehehe)was tugging at my split ends, but was kind enough to ask if it hurts. Well.. it did actually, but that's not his fault really, it was typical thick Asian hair. He then gave me a fringe which looked kind of good on me considering I never thought that it would work on me.

4) I was also wondering what he did was the latest technique for cutting hair. But heck, I like the result so I am going to leave that alone.

And... so... see my new fringe hairstyle that made me feel like an Ah-lian the first 5 minutes before I strut it with confidence. Next to me is Awi, my ex partner in crime.

5) The haircut was only 18 bucks, together with the hair cream I took, it cost me 28 bucks. I went to a Salon in KL who wanted to charge me 48 bucks for a frikkin' hair cut (No shampoo!!!).

To quote a line from Johor's official state anthem;

'Allah Berkati Johor'.



  1. yeap. love that.

    Allah Berkati Johor.


  2. wei... nice do.
    this weekend. must.

  3. i dreamt of u on the 3rd raya. u were a spa owner or something. haha. it must be either sebab i terlupa nak wish u selamat hari raya or i am in dire need to visit spa soon.


    selamat hari raya!

  4. That's sad. I've met indians, malays and orang putihs who spoke fluent chinese (hokkien / canto / mandarin). These hair dressers need to realise that they are being understood. If I were you I'd fuck that idiot upside down and walk out.

  5. Darlene,

    Yup... hear hear!


    Thank you.

    We have to meet. You have to give me the run through woman!


    Hi babe. long time no see. :) aaanyway... I don'thave any plans to start a spa anytime soon... :)

    Selamat Hari Raya to you too

    Izso :

    Well... I wasn't in the mood... I was in my passive mode. ;p... but normally, yes I so would screw that person inside out upside down