Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bila bangunan bergoyang

Yesterday, I woke up at 3.45 pm in the afternoon for no reason.

I am supposed to still be sleeping... maklumlah, burung hantu. But I decided to wake up.

I switched on my laptop, which is kind of like my routine nowadays, got connected to the net and opened up Youda Sushi, an RPG game I am currently crazy over.

Maybe 45 minutes into the game, I felt the bed shook, more like swayed. I thought it was my imagination, but then again, I saw my bags and my curtains started to move too.

I live on the 13th floor, so that freaked me out.

I grabbed my keys, went out to the hall, grab Buttons the cat and look at her.

Usually, animals would go berserk, but well.. knowing Buttons, I don't think she was quite attuned to her instinct yet.

I looked down the balcony. Nothing... nobody panicked, nobody did nothing. children was playing at the nearby playground and all the residents doing their thing, like normal.

Joyce came out of the toilet and she was looking at me who was clad in jeans and a tank top.

"Where you going?"

She asked.

"Eh... you didn't feel that?" I asked.

"Feel what? I was shitting." She said.

Joyce enjoys her private time clearing her bowels... who doesn't anyway.

Chris came out of the room and asked if we felt it. I nodded. The only person who didn't feel it was Joyce, quite understandable because she was 'feeling' her own 'tremors'.

For a split second, I was actually thinking of all kinds of what ifs.

What if 'something' happened? I haven't done all the things I want to do as yet. To leave the world without doing anything of the things you want to do is a sad, sad thing.

There are also a lot of things I wanted to impart to people, mainly people I care about, things that I want to say to them, regardless if it's good or bad.

Yesterday only made me think harder about the fact that life is indeed short. You can never know what will come your way and how will your life turns out.

One of the traits that we share with our Flora and Fauna kingdom citizens would be our sense of survival. My point here is, crossing the incident of a swaying building and life, is that no matter how shitty life goes, it is still short, it is still worth living, and it's fucking well worth surviving for.

And also human beings, when placed in the face of adversity, whether small or major, always tend to look back and to wonder on the what ifs.

All this I thought of during the whole bangunan bergoyang episode.



  1. Boleh.

    But can I have your money if you feel the need to make this world a better place?