Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya... In captions...

First day... (1 Syawal)

Puasa over, comes the food. Mum and Dad having the time of their life

Kuih Raya at Atuk's house

Me very hot, loading up on sirap

My Baju Kurung Johor

Second Raya (2 Syawal)


Aliman the cool cat

At Nenek Mah's house

Aliman : Oh well... you know when you're popular...

Please no more photographs... shoo

Aliman: Yo I am a celebrity, stop pinching me face!

Again, Johoreans eat pasta with hands... have any problems with that?

I want to be a hand model, it will up the value of this picture... see...

This pose always make us look slimmer... learnt it from Paris Hilton

Most photographers don't like to be in front of the camera, this one is a camwhore naturally.

Off to Grandma's kampung in Batu Pahat. No she did not smile all the way while driving.

We had Panca Sitara at the back of the car. Totally honored.

You cannot sleep riding with Mimin at the back seat. She will ask you so many questions you will faint. She was looking at cows at the roadside and all of the sudden asked : 'Where's the dogs?'... ????

My second raya outfit...

Cik Anoor was taking some flower seedlings to plant at home... Mama G was trying to give her something to put it in, Chacha was just looking down at something apparently more significant than her surroundings at eye level.

camwhore in red... enough said

Seeing things in a lighter state of perception, Mimin decided when someone grabs hold of her for a photo, she is going to smile and look to the right, silently screaming... 'HELP!'

Abil : Iklan Colgate
Mama G : U cramping my style
Jiji : Discovered a new species of Micro organism... Must take picture using phone...
Chacha : Still finding whatever that goes in her surrounding at eye level uninteresting.

A quarter of the familia....

At my Dad's childhood friend's house. Rumah itu sangat hijau

Gambar Kaum Wanita

Cousin on the right : Yo make room for the foods G... I am eating for two...

Salted fish and sambal prawn...makan dengan kicap pun sedap!

Beef soup and omelette

Prawn sambal and rice... om nom nom...

Malaysian version of Nigella

Cik Anoor : Pehhh!!! Finally got rice la kan... dah mentekedaghah kuih dengan sirap jeee.

Cik Anoor : Again... no words can describe how happy I am to be the one finishing the rice

Cik Anoor : Ko pehal... jeles I am finishing everything is it....
Mama G : Lantak korang la.... I am eating.

Yes I am cute... and I know IT


  1. It's nice to have all the family together like that.

  2. izso,

    yup It was nice... and tiring.