Wednesday, September 16, 2009

100 things that I am grateful for

Okay, so this is not exactly an original post, but I think it is extremely fun to do. It gives me time to think about things too. In random order.

1) My Family. My rock.

2) My friends who proved to be the ones who I can depend on. (And who doesn't accuse me of making zero effort of keeping in touch because they know I am busy! Hello! Nak aku terhegeh2 say hi to you every week ke when you are pretty much doing the same thing? Macam takde keje. Don't like it, go suck a lemon!)

3) My job that pays me enough for the little whims and pleasures in life.

4) Uche. I thank him because I found out that if I wasn't in love with him, I would have been a totally different person right now.

5) Wiwa. My ride rocks.

6) My sense and sensibility.

7) My strength as a woman.

8) Terry Pratchett.

9) High heels. I look 100% hotter wearing them?

10) A certain gentleman by the initials of EA. He reminded me that I am lovable and I am gorgeous just the way I am.

11) Gym. I won't be as hot (Eceh) as I am without the gruelling two hours daily routine.

12) My boss in NY. He makes fun of me being 30 and all (He is 28) but I can't think of a better Boss then him. He is also cool because out of the office, he is a friend I can depend on. Also, my boss in KL. I can be as honest as I can with him, somehow I know he's got my back.

13) Multi tiered shoe racks. A god send for a shoe freak like me.

14) Dorothy Perkins and Debenhams for having the only jeans that would flatter my gedoink gedoink.

15) Nike, for making my cute running shoes and my cute gym outfits.

16) Musiq SoulChild, for making songs that moves me to tears.

17) The smell of rain, for reminding me of the simple things that make me happy.

18) Perfume and shower gel. Imagine a world without one... Eww.

19) My ear for rhythm. I wouldn't be able to recognize the super cool sounds of Marvin Gaye, Coltrane, Shirley Bassey and the likes if I don't. I'd die if I am to be stuck in teeny boppy bimbo music land.

20) Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia... yummm...

21) Bottomless drinks at Chilli's. Heh...

22) Hip Hop and R&B. What would I do without them? (I'd probably be stuck humming Barbie Girl or anything from Abba over and OVER again.

23) The Sims and RPG games. I'd be one boring mamita if these are not around.

24) Boh original honey flavored tea. I swear the best thing since ... beer.

25) The fact that we can have fresh produce all year round. What would I do without vegies?

26) Valium (No I am not a druggie... Just an insomniac.)

27) Starbucks. I am now not a daily caffeine hogger anymore... more like once every two weeks.

28) Maggi. For those days where I would be waking up super late and there is no time for me to cook anything.

29) My broadband, without it I wouldn't be able to post this in my peejays on my bed.

30) My books. I have read Pratchett's Mort for maybe 10 times since I got it.

31) My abnormal working hours. I am able to cruise to work without traffic jam everyday.

32) Hair conditioners. Imagine having my hair without one. Not a pretty picture.

33) My Notebook, I cannot imagine going through one day without it.

34) Nasi daun pisang. My monthly carb load gets as authentic as it can get.

35) Dresses. They are pretty, hence, make me pretty.

36) Skype. To keep in touch with friends who are worth keeping in touch with.

37) Leather messenger bags. I am always on the go. take off the straps and you get a nice handbag. Versatile!

38) Push up bra. Never thought I will actually list it in. Recently, I discovered there is a hollow space on my chest, and I don't mean emotionally!

39) Eye candy at the gym. Hey, they are gay, I am straight so I am allowed!

40) Brad Pitt, Maxwell, Taye Diggs, Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp. Whaaat???

41) Angelina Jolie, Giselle Bundchen, Liv Tyler, Keri Hilson and Monica Bellucci. WHAAAT???

42) Saturday Night Live. Remind me that there is nothing like a dose of sartorical humor.

43) My cute digital camera. Fits in my bag and looks chic as hell.

44) Pasta. The simplest thing in the world to cook!

45) Hand sanitizers, for those messy dinner nights.

46) Jeans! They flatter my bum and at the moment reminds me that I am shrinking as I type. Heh.

47) My two companion who shares my boudoir, my Russ teddy and Ikea soft toy (Seriously... deliriously cuddly!)

48) Ikea huge blue shopping bag. I use this for grocery shopping. Very useful except that now I think I better think about buying a trolley because my arms are about to tercabut!

49) My foundation. Covers whatever pores that I have.

50) Ikea Cappuccino, Meatballs and potatoes, cheese cake and egg tart. Yumm!!!

51) My clamshell handphone. With my 2 GB memory card, I am able to run on the treadmill to Sergio Mendes. :)

52) My pink hairband, secure flyaways successfully!

53) Shape magazine. Gives me an idea on what to eat and what not to stuff my face with!

54) E! channel. My dosage of Hollywood gossip and trends.

55) 24 hour Mamak joints. Only in Malaysia would we be able to laugh out loud over glasses of iced tea and thosai at 3 am in the morning.

56) Tip Top Ikan Bakar in JB. No life is worth living without at least trying the grilled fish here!

57) The sun, the sea and the sand. Waaaah!

58) My nail salon at BU. I love wearing open toe heels. Nails... must... look... good. Plus, I am pretty much hopeless on doing it myself. Looks like I did it in the dark even though it was daylight when I did it.

59) RM 2.00 Eye brow liner. I am low maintenance. I tried MAC's, but I like this one better.

60) Raya. Although, the 'duit Raya' part is a bit of a bummer.

61) Liquid eyeliners. Is sooo not into eyeshadows so this makes a statement.

62) Palmer's Cocoa butter lotion and Nivea body lotion. They are cheap but I swear to GOD they work!

63) All the machines in the gym. Without these, I wouldn't have my awesome toned arms.

64) Xixili, La Senza and Triumph, reasons for me to buy things other people would never know I am wearing.

65) Laksa Johor, and the fact that the most involvement I have in making it is to cut the cukes for condiments and eating them. Heh.

66) FOS. For the under RM 20 colorful tank tops and cheap stuff I can buy anytime, regardless of being broke or not as it is so frikkin' cheap anyways.

67) My dimples. And the fact that I don't know I have them. :)

68) My teeth. Never gave me problems.

69) My super flexible limbs. Making yoga easier to do on Mondays.

70) McDonalds. Making junk food edible. Heh

71) My Eye-Mo drops. I would be squinting in the office all night if I don't have it/

72) The night market in front of my Grandpa's house. The coolest thing ever.

73) The kopitiam I went to with my friends every saturday morning at Aman Suria. The best 'Teh susu' I ever tasted.

74) Malacca. Always the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. I never get bored of it.

75) Singaporeans. To remind me if there is one thing I should NEVER be, it is them.

76) The house I am living in right now. Even though it is smelling of cat shit. (Announcement, for all you people who are into persian cats, they are on sale for RM 3000 and 2000 per pop. Help me! buy them!)

77) My car MP3 player. I don't have to listen to crap on the radio and instead can hum to The Roots and Jill Scott instead.

78) This blog. I have met a few people who came to be my confidante now.

79) Gorgeous black men and women. Seriously, wouldn't you get turned on by their bods. Hehehe...

80) The fact that I am still alive.

81) Sleep

82) My health

83) My heritage. I am part Malay part Chinese. I value and respect both cultures. Making me not susceptible for any racial prejudice.

84) My genes. I am, again, part Malay and part Chinese. I hardly have any hair on my legs, I am not too fair, but I am not too tanned either.

84) Boy short panties. I am anti VPL. G-strings make me feel like I am wearing a permanent wedgie. So boy shorts are the perfect solution. The most comfortable thing in the world!

85) Electric fan. I hate turning on the AC. My throat gets scratchy, my skin dehydrated and I won't be able to get to sleep.

86) Kao Attack detergent. I wash my clothes using my hands because I am fussy  particular about my clothes. The detergent is gentle on the hands.

87) Karma. I like to think that everyone deserve what's coming to them because of what they do to people. I am witnessing a few facing their karma and have to admit, I am enjoying it.

88) Independence. It took me a lot to be here. I am proud of myself, every bit of myself.

89) Sunglasses. I can't stand driving or walking under the sun without one.

90) Hipsters. A world without one, can't imagine.

91) Bonus. Heh.

92) Newsweek magazine.

93) Working elevators. I live on the 13th floor and work on the 16th. You think?

94) The one hour after work I have in the office spent talking with someone. It's fun and informative.

95) Thumbdrives. It contains things that is essential to my sanity especially during the long drive back to JB.

96) Shoes... need I say more?

97) I have never been jailed (But I have argued with a traffic policemen, and I was sarcastic as hell to them too. I have a very quick temper.)

98) All of the fucked up exes I had. Without them, I wouldn't know what I want in a man. Trial and error you see?

99) Muay Thai sessions. I am grateful for this because it gives me a whole hour dedicated for me to imagine punching the life out of someone I hate.

100) Me being me.

Phew... It takes me two days to complete this (Saved it in draft hence the date)... frikkin' hell... Found out that I have a lot to be grateful about and somehow these stand out.

Oh well... It did make me think about the things that I take for granted at times.

So what's your 100 things you are most grateful for?


  1. yippie. am grateful for nike, FOS, flavoured tea (not necessarily honey) and E! channel ('surprise') too.

    (hmm, may be i should try valium one of these days too. kidding. not really)

    (or hair conditioner...)

  2. and sarc...
    selamat hari raya too.
    maaf salah silap.
    enjoy the holidays!

  3. Darlene,

    Hair conditioner-> if you have pixie do.. no need la.

    Valium, unless you really tahap chronic cannot sleep.. don't. I am the valium pusher kat my dept... :P

    Selamat hari Raya to you to babe.. :)

  4. The fact that you actually went through 100 makes it amazing. I would've stopped at 20

  5. Bagus :-) 100 good stuff you are happy for !

    Selamat Hari Raya Sarcy ! :D .. say ni this year kira raya berdua ke ? ;-)

  6. izso,

    It wasnt easy my man... it wasnt easy...

    Ome, '

    Hey ya.. selamat Hari Raya to you too! :)