Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Makan Free Story

Was at a sushi place, ordered grilled beef and Soba Udon. Had a few plates of sushi too. At the end of the meal, I saw a bug on the last piece of beef. What does one do in that kind of situation?

To those who know me, I am not really the violent oral projectile material. I have a pretty high tolerance to everything that everyone else don't seem to have the stomach for. One of the things I want to do is to eat bugs on sticks in Bangkok. Of course, I do want to eat bugs as a main dish rather than an accidental side dish.

So, calmly, I called for the manager, showed her the bug. The manager was shocked and immediately said that I didn't have to pay and picked up my bill and the bug infested (I was exaggerating) beef dish.

I waited for the manager to come back because I wanted my bill for the sushis I had before the grilled beef. Then I was told that my whole meal was free. I said I was referring to the sushis, but she shook her head and said that I didn't have to pay. She apologized profusely. I said it's ok and I thank her for her efforts.

I will not disclose the name of the outlet because it is my favorite sushi place. And the fact that they really do own up to their mistake saved them a whole lot of trouble facing me, as in 'Me'. Trust me... you DO NOT want Me as a dissatisfied customer. I can be mean and make you cry a challenge.

This just goes to show that good things can only happen when you have gone through bug-sy times. I take comfort in knowing that.