Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you want that hot body? Do ya? Do ya?

Then one will have to know that there would be no gain without fucking pain.

The first day I did this circuit military training at the gym, I felt like dying.

The second day, it wasn't so bad. The third day, I was well into the advanced stage.

People asked me sometimes why am I so into all this work out shit. Why do I advocate healthy living and why do I tolerate the risk of twisting my wrist in attempting arm balance yoga moves.

It used to be because I want to be able to make my ex boyfriends bite their own fingers and do the 'Hubba hubba hubba.... I am a fucking idiot... hubBA'

And then it was just because I actually enjoyed it. I love the adrenaline rush and the fact that my body suddenly just decided to behave itself and shrink.

Now, I am just trying to prove to myself that even if I am diagnosed with an irreversible disease, I know that I have done all I can to take care of myself.

At 32 and single, the probability of me dying without getting married is there. I may look hot, I may have smaller hips, but those ain't going to get me a man even if I put on a sandwich board saying 'Will wash car/pay your bills/wear tacky lingerie with crotchless panties for a relationship.'

But who am I kidding. Deep inside, I really am just this egotistical bitch who would rather bite her lips, cross her legs at the sight of a gorgeous guy.

Take that guy in One Utama earlier for an example. He is someone I would definitely go for. As a matter of fact, I used to fraternize mingle with the likes of him. I used to go out with the likes of him when my weight was 70 KG.

For some reason, now that I am 56 KG, all of the sudden, I feel it is better for me to look away.

I think my personal life gumption shrivelled to a prune when I shrunk to a size S/6 dress.

Ah heck, at least my arms look nice-r.

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