Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Brainiac Schmaniac

When I was with Trey, I would complain talk to him about Theoretical Politics.

I was a student of Economics then and one of my favorite subjects was Politics.

I would yak to him about Aristotle, Plato, Montesquieu, Rosseau and Marx.

He would in turn talk to me about Criminal Law.

Most of the time we would stop each other by saying :

"Ok. Let's not talk smart now."

To have a smart man is I guess, a bonus.

And Trey, is smart, without being a smart - ass.

One of the exes I had went on and on about local politics.

Ranting about how a certain politician really did this and that and this Dato' X should be crucified for doing XYZ.

My interest in politics was lost when it became applied politics. Politics seemed so perfect on paper. In reality, it is filled with betrayal, lies and dishonest ugly politicians, riddled with propagandas which sometimes, do not even make sense after some time.

All I can manage was : 'Yeap. If you say so.'

My idea of a fulfilling conversation is not one that revolves around how politician A fucks Politician B up, how one religion trumps the other down, how one person spent millions to falsely take herself as the First Lady (Yes... although I would prefer to be detached from local politics scene, unfortunately, I know stuff.)

I would prefer to talk about my date's/partner's personal take on stuff. Humanity, Love and Peace (I am a hippy, in nature, I think...). I want my kids to appreciate their own culture, but to be open to others' as well. It horrified me that some of the kids I know, who are raised up in a more traditional and conventional way than how my siblings and I were, know squat about their own culture. To start, they only have 1 culture to call their own.

We have two!

It surprises people that I love zapin, Ghazal and Gamelan just as much as I like the lion and dragon dance.

And Silat... That still turns me on. Trey was a student of silat and now I know why I was so intrigued by him. He was this Caucasian looking mixed guy, who put on a samping and a simple 'tengkolok' (the simple cloth headgear worn by the Malays from the olden times) and making silat moves who was, at that time, in love with me, the person who in turn, could not zapin and had(s) an aptitude for DIY and putting together IKEA furnitures.


I have never thought I was smart. If I were, I wouldn't be here. I have an average IQ and I love books. I love fulfilling conversations, not necessarily an intellectual one. I used to act as if it is really important for me to use big words to explain something as simple as junk food.

Now, I would rather just see it from a no fuss point of view. Life is already complicated as it is, without the national agendas going wrong and endless government conspiracies (that are not covered up that, well, might I add).

So, if you think that I would be turned on by a brainiac, back then, I might. Now, if a man can't feed my need for a meaningful convo, then, the man is in for some serious headache.


  1. My wife and I have conversations that are more "analytical".
    Instead of just the books, we talk about the applicability of it in our real life and how in the future it might be done.

    Politics, Romance, Horror and Science.
    All of them seem to pop up during our conversations about the day.

    We are not brainiacs :)
    But I would love to think as intellectuals.

    **izso pointed me here. **

  2. izchan,

    Welcome! :)..

    I was roped in a conversation about neo-art movement.

    obviously... I had nothing to say, and all these other people somehow had things to talk about.

    They think all people should know what neo-art is, I think everyone should know how to choose their crowd properly when it comes to neo - bullshit anything.


  3. Neo was cool in Matrix 1.
    Not so cool in Matrix 3.