Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Date

How do I start...

First of all, the date took place at Pavilion.

I don't usually go to Pavilion  a lot, for a couple of reasons :

a) The traffic. It can kill... me.

b) I get distracted by the designer labels there. I tend to buy stuff. Although I like the whiff of new leather smell, I would prefer to not use my credit card. Not when I have joyfully spent almost RM 800 worth of make up (and a dress).

+c) Plus... I always get lost when it comes to finding my car in Pavilion. And I am almost always made fun of this.

But, I guess, I am being both gracious and ... adventurous. I was taking a chance.

The Date was (is) a Scottish man. It had been maybe, 6 years since I said yes to dating a white guy.

The last white guy  I dated was a cocky English bastard. I guess, that turned me off from dating white guys from then onwards.

I am taking my chance with a Scotsman. What do I have to lose?

He is older than me, with a charming Scottish accent, a generous hug and kiss on the cheeks.

The first thing that I noticed was his perfume. I am not kidding when I said I have a 'thing' with good smelling men. Plus point numero uno.

And you know how it's like when you are genuinely comfortable in each other's company? That was what happened. It was a two way conversation between the two of us. He has greyish blue ish eyes and sense of humor.

He stood up when I excused myself to the ladies. On this, he said, it is good manners, one that he had been taught from when he was a boy.

I find that... nice. I know deep inside, women are bullshitting when we are saying that we don't need our men to be chivalrous. We are cupcakes, we will forever be cupcakes.

I was expecting the date to go badly, so I was ready to have dinner with Krishna afterwards. But we forgot the time and suddenly the date and I were on our way to dinner at Bangsar.

To have passed the first phase, basically the whole one hour and a half without me coming up with sarcastic remarks were incredible enough, to have advanced to dinner, was... miraculous!

We talked about everything, even religion, and thankfully, he didn't yak about his exes or what he has.

What I found out to date : He goes to the gym, he smokes (Not heavily), he smells good, and he, like me, is painfully honest... straight up sarcastic when he needs to be, at work.

Owh... and he is a workaholic as well. This means that if we 'work', he won't be pissed off mad at me for spending the amount of time I am spending right now on work, and vice versa.

But we are both agreeing on taking it slow. Go with the flow. See where it will take us.

I said yes to a third date (I met up with him again on Monday ... long story.).

I think I should date more. ;)


  1. Oooh.. Hope it works! No rush really isn't it? If it works, great. If not, you tried :) good luck!

  2. Are we hearing wedding bells? ;-)

    Oooh Scottish men. Yum. Love 'em & that sexy Scottish lilt of theirs.