Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have to go back to my hometown this weekend.

I said it'd be good to take a break from each other, The Scotsman and I. We have been seeing each other on all of the past 3 weekends.

I was supposed to go on a another date with another person. I called it off because I didn't have the time to.

Was not interested to go, actually.

I am not putting my eggs all in one basket, no. Afterall, The Scotsman and I am not sure if we are going to  go... anywhere.

But... we like each other's company. He makes me smile, and laugh... like I would with my friends. I sing in the car with him next to me... I never, FYI, do that with just anybody.

And plus, I don't get a lot of nice smelling vain men who at the same time thinks that I am awesome despite my bitchy and workaholic nature.

Of course, everytime we go out, people will stare and will most definitely think :

a) I am a hooker
b) I am a gold digger
c) He is older but he has the moolah to take out someone younger.

The Scotsman told me that I do not have what it takes to look like a hooker. I am not trashy looking. I don't look like a gold digger too, I don't even wear gold to begin with.

I certainly fail at being a Sarong Party Girl because I do not have long dyed hair and extremely tanned skin.

But next to him, I look ... happy.

However, I am a sensible woman. I am still keen on going out on dates, it's just that, I am treading carefully.

And I already told The Scotsman that I want him to stay as a friend even if we don't work, in the end, which could be, heartbreaking, but hell, shit happens right?

I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I am looking forward for a weekend of family fun and fuss, but I am also looking forward to seeing The Scotsman again the weekend after. My routine changed, and I like it. :)


  1. The thing about budding relationships is just this...

    Its a beginning of something.

    Enjoy the process.
    Don't fret on it so much.

    I learned from experience that if you "over think" your path, you forget to enjoy the journey.

    I would imagine the "Scotsman" to have been around the block sometime. So he knows a thing or two about the age old ways of courtship.

    If you give it enough time, the glow will go away and hopefully the warm shine will be the one that stays.

    You will eventually learn more about him and can make a better educated decision on what to do next.

    Yet, all in all?
    don't fret it.
    Enjoy the courtship.
    Enjoy the little things.
    Live your life.

  2. izchan,

    I am enjoying the process. It's nice to know that at the end of the week, I have someone to go and meet with and just talk crap with. ;p...


  3. talking crap is good.
    Giving it though that takes experience .. .:P