Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A thought?

Does age really matter?

Like... does it really matter?

So if you happen to connect with someone who is, like... 16 years older than you, divorced. Should you let that be in the way?

Divorce is common nowadays. Irreconcilable differences, etc.

People get divorced at the age of 25 and no one would give a flying fuck anymore.

But the question is, and remains, does it still matter?

Should we assume that once you are divorced, time stops, and nothing will ever happen in your life anymore?

I have come to terms that even if I get married someday, it might not be happily ever after. Maybe I would be one of the high divorce percentage stats in Malaysia.

So should we avoid marriage altogether, or give it a go?

The Date brought that up.

'Our age difference, do you think it would be a problem?'

I answered that age is just that, age. It doesn't mean anything. At least to me.

I know 50 year olds who still hang out at bars and clubs downing beer every night, looking for game.

I know 20 year olds who are responsible and whose lives are more organized than most 30 year olds.

So what is age, really? I have witnessed first hand, having girlfriends my age who bail out from work just because they are frustrated with the system at work and/or the management after only 6 months.

I recognized the importance of having at least a commendable resume with at least 2 years on a job, even IF the management were racist bastards.

And I was 25 at that time.

So does age, really... matter? Really?

Not that The Date and I are going anywhere, for now... but it just got me thinking.


  1. You're missing the point here. The real question is, does it matter to YOU? ;)

  2. dated 5 years younger.
    dated 7 years older.

    at the end, I chose the one that made me smile the most. :)

  3. F.Idrus; I know I am fine with it. But just trying to figure out if I really should care about what other people have to say.

    Izchan: awwwwwwww