Monday, February 28, 2011


I went back to JB last weekend. Was hoping to see this little munchkin :

Meet my nephew, Adam El-Syahmi. Age : not even a month old. Born on February 19th, 2011.

But, he had to be admitted to the hospital because he is a bit yellow, which is quite common for newborns and had to be treated. So I was only able to see him for a total of 10 minutes when we were registering at the hospital.

He is so tiny.

He is going to be the lucky one. First grandchild in the family is always the luckiest. Take it from me, I was treated like a princess. No hand me downs for me. :)

The week was my dose of family time. Went out with  my Mum and Dad and went to a relative's wedding.

And played around with the happy kid :

Babies and toddlers are fun. :)


Went out with Kak Neesa on Saturday night and as informed that one of my ex colleagues was diagnosed with skin cancer.

The thing is, this colleague of mine is known as someone who takes care of herself. She is into all this beauty skin care things, blowing thousands on taking care of herself.

So the news is unsettling.

I don't know what God is really asking us to do.

Is He asking us to live life without taking care of yourself because in the end you will still get sick or to take care of ourselves and still get cancer?

I am still struggling with the question if God prefers to judge us by what we do or don't do.

It's tricky all this spiritual business. Suffice to say that for now, I believe that God is there, looking after me in a way that I know He is.

Whatever that happen afterwards is really a matter of acceptance, and how you are going to handle it on your own.

Afterall, one should be the master of their own life.


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