Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life as we know it

I have been struggling to come up with an entry for the last few weeks.

I mean, I should have been able to, but I couldn't. I didn't really know why my brain decided to go on an off mode all of the sudden. Especially so since the last week was when I went on a whole entire week of leave.

I spent it some days out and some days in, knitting, sleeping, reading, cleaning and cooking.

Malacca trip

boeuf bourguignon (I always managed to forget how it's spelled)

My frolicking with the one thing that loves me unconditionally

The trip out the day after my birthday with Faz

So I am supposed to, as a blogger, have a lot of things to write about the whole entire weekend. 

But heck, there is no specific obligation for me to come up with any smart anecdotes and typing it on my page. 

What I do know about the whole weekend is however that I am certain that sometimes, we might let our wants get the best of us. We lose sight of what is it that we need. 

For now, I don't actually need to have what I want. I need to find what I need. It is not more money (although, I have to admit, if i struck lottery and get 1 million in my bank account, that would not be a shabbby deal at all!) or more friends. 

I haven't found it yet, but I guess it's not a bad thing to keep on wishing. And have fun while doing that. 


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