Thursday, February 10, 2011

When the clock strikes 12 am

This happened today :

Note : Please ignore the pink bra strap...

I turned 32 today.

As in TODAY.

I will start my 32nd year with a long impending one week off.

I have made a huge step in my career.

I made a step back as far as personal life is concerned. Unless a man can step forward and prove to me that not ALL men are idiots. I can do with 'some' of them being idiots.

I celebrated the first few minutes of my 32nd-hood with my best friend, the cake bearer Joyce Chong, my good friend and barefooted colleague, Thanhes, my ex - Boss, Nagen, my HR, Rizal and my current Boss, Balan, who snapped this picture of me faking a candle blow (He snapped the bb cam late... so fake it lor!)

How did I feel?

I felt blessed. I haven't gotten any presents, but I feel oh so blessed.

And of course all the wishes on my blackberry. How can I not feel more blessed. :)... and I got two cards this year. I never get birthday cards since a long time.

And I am officially, the youngest manager in the team, the only female manager in the night operations team and also, the oldest unmarried grandchild in my family.

I said it before, gonna say it again. I am blessed. I thank God for everything.

Happy Birthday, Me. :)