Monday, January 21, 2008


Today I woke up late, craved for a steaming hot plate of Biryani (Which has like 5 million cals probably), a glass of Sarbat and sex.

Great. As if I am ever going to get those things, in that order.

Who had sex after a heavy meal of Biryani now? The only position I will be doing after that would be the Corpse. The only difference is that you won’t catch me doing the whole keeping my breathing in order thing. I will be breathing alright, but it’s not because I am relaxing. It would most likely be that I am sleeping, dreaming of Denzel Washington, or Taye Diggs… or George Clooney.


Anyway, somebody called me this morning, telling me that he missed my voice and I responded;

“Really ah?”

Well, I couldn’t be bothered to be all romantic and stuff. We are still on the fling stage.

No commitment whatsoever. I want to live it up babeh! Hasta La Vista coupledom!

Sugar rush! Caffeine rush! MSG rush!

Choc ├ęclairs, coffee and Maggi in cup!



  1. Last biryani that I ate was the one that I cooked last year. Setahun tuh...
    Entah mana nak dapat biryani sedap kat utagha ni haaa?

  2. Montey,

    alamak.. babe... i cannot help you there. i know squat about food kat utagha sana. i dont like penang laksa and the first Asam pedas Kedah that i had was watery and it had an ubi kayu in it.thats a whole new wtf experience la kan.. hahaha...

    datang Johor, banyak biryani sedap.. hehehe