Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goncang apa yang Mak ko bagi yo!

I am at home on MC today.

It all started yesterday, when I couldn’t move my head and my neck starts to hurt. I survived the whole day trying to not be cranky. The next morning, I couldn’t get up and the pain on my neck was excruciating. I couldn't turn to the left and can barely turn to the right without cringing.

The initial plan was to go back to work after my doctor’s appointment. I mean, a creak in the neck could not posibbly mean anything right? I was expecting a referral to a chiropractor for a simple twist of the neck.

Instead, to my shock, I was given a jab on the butt (My first probably since I was a kid?) and medication. According to the doctor, it has nothing to do with pillows when I told her that I thought it was only a case of what Malays call ‘Salah Bantal’. She gave me an MC when I was not asking for it. She urged me to go home and rest and discourage me from going to work as it will further worsen my condition.

So I went back home and change into my pjs and slept the butt jab off.

By the way, I know it was supposed to be good for me but I felt weird lying back exposing the tender flesh of my toosh to the doctor, who was thankfully a lady.

Anyway... if you are curious about the title of this post, I came across it when I was indulging in day time tv. I was surfing channels and I eventually switched on Hitz.FM and was briefly watching this local ‘talent’s’ hip hop music video. The artist’s name is Caprice (Wait... I thought that was a bikini mode or someone like that.) and one of the lines in the song was ‘shake what yo momma gave ya yo!’.

Okay I added on the yo at the end, maybe... it might have just been in it... I can barely understand what he was saying.

But message was duly relayed through the images of Chinese ladies in skimpy clothings ‘menggoncang apa yang Mak diorang bagi’ on the video. There was even a fancy car shot with the Caprice fella in it.

I don't know, that’s just tasteless video making for me. Plus, all the duds, the fancy rides, the girls and the bling is just not Malaysian. We’re not talking about the US of A here – la.

I remembered during my younger days, there was this one hip hop video which I liked by Poetic Ammo mainly because it has this whole local touch. There was no made up ladies getting jiggy with it and no fancy cars.

I forgot what that song was called. But respect yo!


  1. u get well soon now. i just watch a tasteless movie yesterday. thank god i didnt vomit blood - it was In the name of the king -

  2. How about teh tarik krew's BANGSAR song? That was a riot!

    And mind if I ask what would cause a frozen neck that requires a jab to cure?

  3. inn,

    i have heard no good reviews on that movie. so i cannot risk another bloody creak in the neck for watching bad movies .

    and thanks babe, i am getting better, still a bit stiff but doing fine.

    iszo, was that during my time? hahaha... the doctor said it had something to do with my nerves / was it veins as well?

    well it was free anyway... and the pain is subsiding, i just could not make sudden moves with my neck that's all....

  4. I was wondering about the same thing as well. Why must all hip hop music video feature skimpy women shaking dat thang with the blings and the larger-than-life lifestyle? Takde semua tu cannot sell song ke?

  5. Pugly - Unless you're really good like Usher or Rain, you'll need sexy women to divert the attention from your really bad dancing to something them?

    Sar - Veins? Nerves? And they jab in the butt for your neck? Gee... I'd hate to see what they give for a headache. And how can you not know the Teh Tarik Krew! *gasp*

  6. Pugs,

    believe it or not, hip hop originally comes from the streets (whaddup yo!). its an art of rhyming in rhythm, it was in the late 70's used as an individual expression, mainly by the African Americans about the silent discrimination by the US govt towards the minorities...

    it wasnt until the late 90's when hip hop came around with the blings, fancy rides, skimpy clad women, drive bys and gangs.

    check out the vids from The Roots or Common or even Eminem. those are hip hop lah... not limapuluh sen-la, fabulouso lah, Nelly la.. sumer tuh tunjuk booty only.


    actually i prefer the jab on the butt rather than a visit to anyone who is going to crush my joints... mak geli... hahaha...

    hahaha.. of kos i know TTC la... tapi dah lupa the songs!

  7. I remember that vclip. Lady D at the background singing back vocals. they were at this sewer-like factory or some sort. and some CGI stuff here and there. Even Innuendo's vclips doesn't have the stupid U S of A typical black dose of grinding vclips... yo.

  8. abby,

    there's another one yang Yogi B dressed up as a chetty tu.. that was hilarious... and very Malaysian.

    now why cant these so called vidmakers take the hint from there?

  9. Don't understand the music and the videos that go with it these days. I grew up on ABBA. Now, they have groups manggling Abba songs. I sound like a grandmother....signs of old age I guess

  10. hmmm... neck pain huh? becareful ok...

    take a lot of rest and dont move too much ( imean ur neck)...

    i do agree it sure does feel odd exposing ur rear t a stranger.. the last time had a jab on the butt was like 2/3 months ago because of gstric huhu.. luckily the dr was a lady...

    with regards to peotic ammo it was during my 5th form.. haha love the video clips... like who'll be the player and it's all abt the money,... best hehe

  11. huh! the ever happening i-wanna-bling-meself-with-girls-fancy cars-and-raining money-. in short, nak jadi like all the US hip hop artist la nih... supposed to be cool and wachcamalit la kot...

    feeling better dear?

    psst... i just installed UR strut bar in my car... hehe...

  12. MC,

    I dont understand whats hot about ABBA.. so i think we could relate.. :)

    my fave records from those era has alwyas only been the Beatles and Queen.. like Whoah!!!


    i am literally moving my whole entire upper body just to check the cars coming from the right or the left when i am driving... so i am doing the not moving much part...

    you have been buttjabbed too.. so you know the kind of err... awkwardness that surrounds the whole getting on all fours with your pants down thing eh?

  13. Jade,

    oh well.. not to say i am feeling better.. but i am surviving... :(

    i am a car enthusiast but you know what babe... i dont know one strut bar to another... hahaha.. plus i am more into maintainin the original state of the car rather than pimping it up with car bling you git? hehehe

  14. dear sarclover

    "you have been buttjabbed too.. so you know the kind of err... awkwardness that surrounds the whole getting on all fours with your pants down thing eh?"

    hahaha cant help but to laugh, especially looking at ur last sentence...

    wei where r u going actually hahaha
    i'm talking bout dr's injection in the ass okeh hehe

  15. kAWAII...

    ish... i was referring to that also la..

    uuuu what were you thinking eh??? HAHAHAHAHA...

  16. *puts on vanilla ice*

    ice ice baby
    ice ice baby

    kick it 1 time!

  17. des, kick it one time tuh bukannya one of the lines from that MC hammer song yang pakai seluar garbage bag tu ke?