Saturday, January 19, 2008

Belated 2008 Resolution List

It's never too late for a resolution right?

1) Change jobs, with a better salary & better prospect

2) Learn more about photography - Already reading books and also articles I have printed out from the Internet about it

3) Buy a proper Digital SLR - Once the savings account give me the green light, I might be owning one by mid 2008!

4) It is okay to be single, I guess, that said, don't think too much about the whole finding love (For heaven's sakes... I don't even believe in it!) drama - No expectations whatsoever. Might end up alone, might not. Heck... I have no strength to worry anymore!

5) Settle hopefully 30% of the hire purchase I have hanging on my back now! - On the way... on the way

6) Move out from the family house so that I could walk stark naked from the kitchen and dance in the living room in the nude - It might just happen before end of 2008

7) Degree in Journalism - Last year's reso, didn't have time to act on it. Hopefully I will be able to do so in 2008

8) Drink less - Last alcohol beverage was in December 2007.

9) Double up on my savings - No more extravagant buys, Sarcy... Eat your heart out!

10) Have fun - 2007 wasn't much fun, but I hope 2008 will.


  1. Good luck with your resolutions. Have fun achieving them.

  2. you can do it! i can do it too!

  3. My crystal ball tells me 2008 will bring in lotsa love and more more more money. Mark my words! Alamak, confidentnye....

  4. Dengan menulis resolusi Sarcy dalan blog ini, Sarcy harus melakukannya dengan penuh dedikasi :-) Selamat berjaya !

  5. let's have more fun in 2008 together.

    all the best gal. tok sah tensen kak oii..