Sunday, January 6, 2008

Have some class would ya?

I was waiting for a good friend @Hwa Mui when I received an SMS.

I was told to read my blog because apparently one 'suwey' fella commented on it whom I later found to be quite… amusing.

I am aware of this particular 'suwey' fella even though I am 300 over KMs away from KL. The thing was that I have never even known he existed… and I don’t frikkin’ care to boot. Plus, I have always remained indifferent about anything that happened in the blogosphere and was not expecting to be pulled into this circus!

I was with Fi when I got word of this, I told him and he asked me if I would like this ‘suwey’ guy to be ‘taken care of’.

“And what good would that do me la bugger?” I burst out laughing.

“I am not that low-la. Have some class can or not?”

I wish I could say that to the ‘suwey’ fella’s face for real!

To those who have met me, they know what I am like and I they know that I am not trying to be what I am not. Sorry to disappoint you, but I do know that I look fat, as a matter of fact; I do tell people that I am fat. So, I am totally okay by it. Thanks for your honesty, though I prefer you to just ‘go away’ and ‘suwey-kan’ other people’s blog.

Not my blog, please. Only civilized people come here.

The suwey fella to me is just a cowardly bitch and surprise surprise, it is a him! To call him a bastard is an understatement, only a bitch could burst out the way he did. Shameless… really.

Personally, I would prefer to keep my opinions to myself. If I really have something to say, I will say it to that person’s face. Putting it on your blog and announcing it to every Tom, Dick and Harry is just not the way an adult who is supposedly one of those people who are ‘overseas educated’ would do.

All that ‘high education’ is wasted.

By the by, Des is not the faggot here, but the 'suwey fella' would fit that title fine, as he bitches like a girl.

And so what if I am whining? I never bloody asked YOU to buy me a drink wot? This ‘whiney’ chick can buy a whole bottle to herself, and I could damn well make you pissed drunk.

But on the whole, I think this is Owh So CHILDISH! What are we? Kindergarteners!?

This is what I think of the whole thing!


  1. babe, it's not you who can't buy a drink so don't perasan ok. please. and i'm sure you can drink till you dead drunk. i've no doubt about it. call me what u want. u will read all the truth which was hidden from you. i'm not pissed of sheryl "loving" izhar, i'm just pissed for she keeps crawling back to me cuz her boyfriend just can't take care of her when she need love and care, for she knows that she can't get that from him. and i am pissed cuz she always lie.

    i curse her for lying, izhar curse her for wanting to choose me (i have proof to back up my claim, right izhar?), u will soon read what she send me, izhar knows. but being a fag that he is, he can't face the truth...such cry baby. and her white group of friends knows it well...and they say, i am better than izhar a.k.a des :).

    cheers babe! eat your own words ok. this is not about you really, this is about making him love her right and for her to stop bugging me once and for all. thank you.

  2. Just to heat up your curiousity over the claim i made...

    From Izhar to Sheryl (and Sheryl fwd the sms to me, amazing huh?) "As long as u choose him over me u can go 2 hell 4 all i care >> this is frm him to me. Hahaa"

    and Sheryl's sms to me prior to that, "Hehe.. He's mad now. He called me saiful's gf. I smiled.. :)"

    I never curse her to hell for choosing Izhar, and i never curse her to hell for choosing whoever she wants, but I do curse her to hell for lying to me.

    So babe, you were saying? You wanna eat your words up now? ;)

  3. i dont need to eat my words, because your post could only show one thing, that you did not handle this like an adult.

    i dont care who's lying and i dont care who's not. the fact of the matter is you are blowing this issue to such ridiculous proportions and you are putting judgment on people who you dont even know.

    tell me now, who looks guilty and who doesnt?

    (By the way, I DO know that i am not the girl who cannot buy her own drink.)

  4. babe,
    u are not fat, lah. It's just the camera.

  5. But DNAS,

    akak is gumuk... HAHAHAHA... :)