Sunday, January 6, 2008

Between Liars, believers and avengers

I try not to lie, I rarely believe everything I heard and I am not the avenging type, should I have been lied to or not.

To me, there must be a reason as to why people lie to each other. Lying is normal but it is something that we do not condone. It is what makes us human and it is what flawed us.

But, nevertheless, there must be a reason, and I am not the kind of person who will bug anybody to find out if everything they told me was true … or not. I feel, even if it’s a lie, it is still their right to lie, and to conceal the truth from other people, be it to their friends, family or just some insignificant acquaintances.

However, I do believe this whole business of exposing other people’s dirty laundry in public is nothing but childish. If it doesn’t involve millions of misused government funds, it should not be aired out for everyone to know, especially so if it’s really a matter of a guy so pissed off with a girl that he went around bitching about it to HER friends, even those he never knew, personally.

The first thing I said was;

“Boy! He has a LOT of time to do that for sure!”

He tried to defend his act by saying that a friend of mine was actually the liar and what happened for real etc… etc… to which I replied that I don’t frikkin’ CARE.

All I can see is him standing on his soap box, labeling her group of friends into the white ones and the black ones (I am one of the black ones, obviously) and telling people that he had been lied to by a girl!

Everybody has the right to lie. What happened was what happened between the two / three / four of you. You don’t have to pull the whole entire blogosphere, especially me, into your ‘drama’.

Truth is overrated here. Try to grow up. And for what do I even have to be convinced of who is wrong and who is right? What good would it do me? and what good would it do for you people?

But all I can see here is one guy bitching, the probable lie (to which I am not affected by) and surprisingly I am rather amused when my name was mentioned in that other blog.

And seriously, besides everything that you have read in my blog, how well do you think you know me?

Plus, should everything is over and done with, the girl involved, Des and the rest of the black ones would still be my dearest friends.

You eat your heart out.

PS-> to the rest of the readers, I apologized for this glitch.


  1. I didnt know what all the fuss was until the subject commented on my blog with the intention of moi reading his current post. I realised that I wasn't the only target since I saw another comment asking him of his intention commenting in her blog. He didn't deny it one bit.

    You know, I've heard of bunny boilers but I've never really 'met' a male version. Until now. Gosh. Lupakan saja la Sarc... totally not worth a spot in your blog.

  2. I like to call this 'the internet abuse'. The bandwidth should have been used for better things, lah.

  3. Juan,

    i totally agree with you.. i mean how low could he go right? shameless la.


    send detail report like microsoft selalu buat tuh .. hehehe... DNAS.. me cupcake?