Monday, January 7, 2008

Que Sera sera...

Foreword – penat layan loser (Show fingers in shape of an L as I type… susahla jugak type with just one finger). Let’s get back on pace now. :P

Merina, my dear friend and colleague left us last week. We managed to sabo her by breaking eggs on her head and pouring baby powder all over her face the night before and by smearing some whipped cream on her face.

Just to make it fair, I also kena some of the eggs. Bloody hell… dry cleaning RM 10 tuh!

It was fun, takes me back to my boarding school days la pulak right? Back then, one of our much loved activity is to sabo birthday babies. We have a deadly recipe of 2 weeks about to be chucked out softball socks (not washed of course), eggs, Milo, flour and of course more eggs. We will wait for the victim on the first floor balcony, and when she was in the open, we gunk it on her.

Heh! Come on, I was gunked, so was my pet sis (Back then we had this pet sis thingie. I was able to get two who shares my namesakes la pulak kan. Pokai tiap2 minggu Buy roti john for them!).

Anyway, Babe, looking forward to your wedding… and remember… BHANGRA BABEH!


Blowing hot and cold…

I have been doing that these past few days, with someone that I am currently sort of dating.

The reason might be because he is also blowing hot and cold. Jual mahal, the Malays would call it.

I find winning a guy who is not easy a triumph on its own. As for myself, I like playing the I like you but I am not going to let up that easy game. I might sound mengada-ngada and totally perempuan but I… enjoy doing it.

I SMS the dude, to which he replied back minutes after and to which I replied maybe a day later.

I called, say hi, and ignored his calls (Actually, I missed his call, I was downstairs and the phone was in my room) and didn’t get back to him 48 hours later.

But when we meet, it is easy to see that we are attracted to each other.

Even that we don’t do often.

But my friends thought that I am just scared, of the possibility, scared of being associated with anyone again.

I have to admit, at my age, I should not do this. I should be thinking of settling down, have kids and things like that.

I figured, if I really want a kid, I can adopt. I am old (waaaargh!!) enough to. I am paying for my own, though I am struggling, which I think everybody is, what with the price hike on almost everything, even sanitary pads (My mum ‘borong’ a few packs for us the other day. The dudes were arranging it in front of the supermarket and told my mum to buy some before they changed the price.)

I am not sure about going through the whole couple thing again. It kind of freaks me out… unless the guy succeeded in convincing me that he is worth waking up every morning with.

Nevertheless, I like blowing hot and cold (no sexual connotations there whatsofrikkinever eh!). It’s challenging, and I am a sucker for challenges.


  1. 1 ) life is not a bed of roses..
    2 ) life is like a box of chocolate
    3 ) life is mystery..

    hav fun in dating sis.. ;)

  2. Babe, life is too short to chicken out on it. Take risk!

    You wouldn't want to be looking out the window from an old folks home 40 years from now wondering what if...hi hik :D

  3. Went to a Banghra wedding once and it so much fun with all the dancing all all hahahahaha!

  4. Haluuu

    I read your blog with zest.
    Love it.
    Keep more coming yah...
    Saw your photos.
    Love it.
    Definitely not in my (gemok) league, because you are definitely not lah hon.
    Saw the petty comment.
    Hate it lah...

    Happy new year !

  5. aez,

    dating? fun? the amount of deciphering different signals could just blow you off la darling.


    lately, i have been having an urge to reproduce. i bought a frikkin' GUESS baby denim overalls, of course it is for Juan la kan.. but i could not help wishing how nice it would be if its for my baby.. :(

  6. frankesteina,

    owh yeah.. punjabi weddings are so fun.. kind of like my family's weddings with the joget lambak and all. :)


    awwwww... thanks dear. now it will be better if i could read your blog... :) but anyhow... thanks you so much for the kind words.

  7. sarcy, i'm currently sorta also dating a guy who's doing the hot and cold thingy. i went out on a first date and found him not my type. but after he did the hot and cold thing on me I found him irresistible. It's scary. And then I sorta found out he's actually also seeing someone else, and even admitted to "keeping his options open". And I still like him! Fck. I know he likes me a whole lot, in fact I think I can do better than him but the competition is such a freaking turn on. Help. (Ok, sorry I'm just venting out....)

  8. wait.. the competition is such a freaking turn 'on' or 'off'?

    Thats the danger of this indifferent (kononnya) thingiemajik. there's the risk of either one of you to lose interest and move on to the next vict... i mean... person.

    but if you are like me and you dont give a shit about losing out, keep going, but if you really do like this person, you will have to tell him just that... that you are done blowing hot and cold and you want to get onto business.